Do HG authors ever go on to write for COG?

I was just curious if any well received Hosted Games authors ever went on to write for Choice of Games? I know that you’re required to be an experienced author to write under the Choice of Games label and I was wondering if writing under the Hosted Games label would be considered experience enough to apply.

Yes; Cataphrak and JimD both come to immediate mind as crossover authors and I think it even says that publishing under the HG library will give you cred towards the CG fulfillment. I don’t remember where I read that exactly but I think it is one of the “official” links on the web-site itself.

Edit: Found the clause, under details for HG publication.


Yeah those who release a hosted game can be considered for a Choice of Games submission.


I’ve actually been thinking of pitching an idea for a CoG that is more ‘traditional’ than Paradigm City was, so, I hope so!


The biggest thing to remember is the CoG label is different to HG in what it wants its games to be. Inclusivity is a big thing for CoG so while a HG can be gender locked a CoG must have a gender choice


I wonder if more could have changed over but did not. CoG gets more of a marketing push and the advance, but a stricter structure. I think even if I were to qualify for CoG one day, I would still have some stories I would have to put out as HG. My idea for my next one after Nuclear Powered Toaster, for example. I thought about trying to do it as my contest entry, but I do not think it could be 100,000 words unless I padded it a lot, and then quality would degrade.

However, if not all HG games get put on Steam, that is a powerful push to want to get called up to the big leagues. It might be a smaller market than Google and iOS, but you would still have to be losing a lot of potential revenue.

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