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I just figured I’d check first since I’m already writing, but since when the site publishes a Hosted Game the writers retain full IP rights, would the writer be okay to publish another version of the game on a different website, using a different platform? I’m guessing that would be okay, but I just thought I’d ask first.


As a HG author, you can do anything with your work, but you’d have to pay CoG 25% of the money you made if you published your story somewhere else.


^Only if you used the CS platform to publish it elsewhere.
I think that if you say converted your hosted game to say, twine, and then published it somewhere else, you wouldn’t be obliged to pay CoG anything for any of that versions sales.

There’s no mention of the “exclusive right to distribute” under the hosted games heading like there is under the ‘Choice of’ heading.


@Samuel_H_Young that’s if it was using ChoiceScript.

@Briar_Rose what do you mean by another version of the game? If you mean “a static fiction” version, not problem. No problem. If your game gets picked up by UbiSoft and turned into a AAA game? No problem.

But if you published the same text-based game written in, say, Twine or Undum, that would be a problem. The exclusive right to distribute that @CJW mentions applies to Hosted Games as well.


@CJW and @jasonstevanhill
Oh, yeah :stuck_out_tongue: I kinda assumed Briar_Rose meant in CS.

Jason - I know this is a long shot, but say someone came to a CoG author, wanting to make their story into a movie. Would the “exclusive right to distribute under Choice of Games” make said author not be able to have their story made into a movie?


Depends on the IP situation. WFH, no, it’s ours. That’s what happens when you sign over the IP.

But if you the author retained the IP, then they retain all film rights.


Thanks for the clarification. It might be worth amending the looking-for-writers page, as the way its currently written it doesn’t seem like you expect any sort of (license) restriction on hosted games?


Alright, good to know!


@CJW done


Awesome, thank you.


The contract says no to a multiple-choice or choose-your-direction game, but other mediums aren’t mentioned.

Books, movies and such would be fine. :slight_smile: I imagine COG would be quite happy, since it would bring attention back to the CS version of the story.


I will buy a beer for the first person to have his/her hosted game turned into a movie. I will also provide legal counsel at a (slightly) discounted rate.


My wife wants me to write a screenplay for Paradox Factor.

I should also mention that a bunch of my friends had a bet going over who would be the first person to get something published. The bet was for a case of beer from each person. So when Life of a Wizard got published… I got a lot of beer. I work well for alcoholic rewards. :slight_smile:


@Lucid, I think you’ve unlocked the secret to motivation there…


Can I have a Coke instead :)?


Looks like I have to do a study to become a movie director or something like that :wink:


Ah. Didn’t know that. I kind of assumed that rule only applied to Choice of Games, not Hosted Games.
Would it make a difference if the other version of the game I published was a free version? I was basically hoping to have one version of the game on the website and then publish another version of the game on a different platform for all my friends and family.