If I want to publish my story, does it have to be through choice of games?


I’m sure this is answered in a user agreement thing but I’m just wondering. The story I have is short compared to most others, I’d like to see it on a store page for like 50 or 25 cents much like a comic book. What are your thoughts? Would Choice games publish said story?


If you want to charge anything for it, it would have to be through CoG. As for whether they would publish it, I’d say probably. They would have final say in the sell price, though.


That is what I was starting to think. You’re probably right.


They may do it for a dollar, but I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to publish it if you don’t agree with the terms.


If you’re just looking to be published as a Hosted Game then they should publish it. I’m not sure if all stores will allow for it to be sold for such a low price though. (I know there was a while I couldn’t buy the Paradox Factor on the chrome store because it was too cheap.)

You don’t need to sell through Choice of Games. However, if you’re selling the game, you will need to pay them royalties for using their codebase. It’s 25% of gross profit (I believe) after the web-stores take their cut. They will also provide the wrappers I think to let you release the game on stores, but you’d need to do all the work in regards to publishing etc and you wouldn’t get the benefits of being a Hosted Game.