Publishing to Kindle, iPhone, iOS


I’d like to know how one publishes his stories/books written with Choicescript to Amazon, App Store, etc.
Choice of games mentions hosting books on their website, I’d like to know if that includes an agreement to publish the books on other platforms as well. Also, if you’d like to publish it yourself, is there export functionality to epub and the likes?

Choice of games will handle most of the work for you. Read here for more information:

Yeah, I’ve read that, but there a couple of things I don’t see explained in more detail.

We split any revenue our hosted games produce with the games’ creators.

How does this split look like? Are payments on a monthly, yearly basis? Or fixed to a minimum amount of sales?

We do require our approval for any games that we host and release, but mostly that means we check to make sure that the game will run reliably (by running our automated tests), that the game is written in clear English

I plan to write in a different language, so what are my options?

Creators who choose not to host their ChoiceScript games with us will need to obtain a license from us if they intend to produce any revenue.

How much would such a license cost?

When Choice of Games hosts games, we also “package” the games into apps for release for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones.

Are the creators notified every time such a “package” happens? Is there an opt-out policy on individual basis?