Publishing Using ChoiceScript Questions

Hello everyone, my name’s Tyler, I’ve been playing Choice of Games for over 10 years now, I believe. I’m very new here saw the forum and made an account the same day, so I am not sure if this question has already been asked. I want to make my own game but I have a few questions about publishing:

  1. Can I use ChoiceScript but publish my work under my own name? I’m starting a website that will be selling some products. One of the products will be my INs (interactive novels), do I have to go through Choice of Games to publish or can I use ChoiceScript independent of CoG? Sorry, if this sounds rude or something.

I know I retain the rights to my work but it’s more of the fact that I’m using someone else’s code to publish my own work through me. I don’t know if this is a moral or legal thing. I like the stat system CoG has and have found no other IN creator that allows me to do the same thing in the same way.

  1. For someone who has already done this, do you sell your work through the play/app store or do you have an independent link on your website? Do you have both?

I will probably have more questions but those are the most urgent. Thank you to anyone who answers.

You may find this a useful link:


If no money (including ads) is involved, you can use CS to make games how you like. If you are going to earn money in some way, you cannot use CS without a contract with COG. It is definitely a legal thing. I think there has been an update since this link for certain platforms as there have been a couple of people publishing on itch and charging money requiring lower fees which makes it accessible to individuals. For steam or the app stores, I’d imagine it probably reverts back to the link @Gower has provided (or at least a different payment model) which means it might not be worth your while to use CS in this way. May have to confirm with COG by sending them an email if the link does not answer your questions.

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