Can I post a Choice Game as an independent developer?

If I want to make a game using ChoiceScript, can I post the game as an independent developer(to post it on or something)?

This part of the FAQ may be relevant to you:

Q) Can I host a game on my own website?
A) Yes!

Q) What if there’s a “Donate” button on the webpage with the game?
A) That falls under the phrase “making money”.

Q) How can I publish my game on my own and make money? Can I release directly on the iOS App Store, for example?
A) Once your game is written, we will sign a commercial license with you. See the contract for details, but the gist is that you’ll be free to sell and distribute a game made with ChoiceScript anywhere you like in exchange for 25% of your gross proceeds.


And if the game is free?
And I can post my game even if I am no experience with writing or I am under 18?I mean…if I finish a game, I can just put it on a website after I make the build, like it is a normal game made in an engine like Unity or something?

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I believe those criteria only qualify if your game “makes money.” Hence the “commercial” license. :slight_smile: