Brand New User Here: How Realistic Is It that I'll Get Published?


Hi there, I’ve been reading Choice of Games titles for a couple years now, and I love writing, but I’ve only just decided to try using ChoiceScript, and I’m beyond excited to get started (even though I have zero experience with coding haha). But I’m just wondering what my title says…what are the chances that my story will actually get published as a Hosted Game? And how long would that probably take? Thanks so much :).


If you finish a Hosted Game your chances of getting published are 100%. There are a couple of requirements based on length, it needs to pass the quick and random tests, has to be beta-tested, but otherwise that’s about it. It’s really, really easy to get published.

Assuming your game isn’t controversial in any way then it doesn’t take that long to get published either. (I’m sure one of the Hosted Games authors will give more accurate figures there though.)

Anyone can publish a game under the “Hosted Games” label. If you’ve finished a multiple-choice game written in ChoiceScript, just attach your “mygame” folder to an email and send it to us at We do require our approval for any games that we host and release, but mostly that means we check to make sure that the game will run reliably (by running our automated tests), that the game is written in clear English, that the game doesn’t infringe other people’s intellectual property (we can’t host a Harry Potter or Star Wars game), and that the game is not highly offensive. We also reserve the word “Choice” in game titles for games distributed under the “Choice of Games” label.


Thanks so much for the quick response!