Choice of Games partnering with Writopia!

Writopia ( is an afterschool and summerschool program for kids 8 to 18. They have sites in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, and New York areas.

Starting in some of the New York sites, they’ll be teaching ChoiceScript as an alternative to playwriting and traditional storywriting.

If you might be interested in helping to teach ChoiceScript to middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, or if you want to take one of their classes, you should let us know, and we can put you in contact with them.

Aww! That’s nice! Although I feel slightly sad because an 8 year old will probably know more Choicescript than I do.

lol i agree with trollhunter i will feel jealous but this will be awesome for choice of games we r gonna take over the world :D… probably not but we will certainly get more popular

I want to join… Though, I’m usually the type that would learn how to do it myself, but for some reason my computer hates ChoiceScript and would not allow me to use it :frowning: But I still enjoy playing other people’s creation and having fun :slight_smile:

I would love to pitch in if something like this ever starts up in Vancouver.

Alas, I must merely settle for watching CoG’s spreading influence from afar.

Why can’t they do that in England. That would be soooooooo much more interesting than R.E. But I’m afraid I must endure this waste of my life for the near future.


That sounds great, in relation can you make any comment as to your stance on anyone starting up their own Choicescript “Club(s)” at their School, University or College? I think the thought has crossed a few of the forum members’ minds before, my own included.

It’s very nice to see CoG popularity growing, hopefully this means more stories/games! >:3

@CJW I think it’d be great!