Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

This thread is going to be the place where I can note the current progress of Jolly Good: Tea and Scones, and so that nobody thinks that it is imminent. This is going to take a few years just to write it–then we’ll have the whole editing/beta/copyediting thing.

Because this one is going to be longer than Cakes and Ale was.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • There’s no demo link. My first chapters change so much as I write and revise and rerevise that it wouldn’t be useful to have a demo. I prefer to give you the whole thing when it’s all polished.

  • I intend to keep this thread updated in this first post to let you know my progress. I’ll try to keep the word count and status up to date.

  • This game will have eight chapters.

  • All of the love interests from Cakes and Ale will appear in it. So will your sponsor.

  • There will be one additional love interest, plus I am considering two poly paths.

  • There will be a few new characters spoken of but who did not appear in Cakes and Ale who will appear in this one as main characters.

  • You will be able to import your save, but the ability to save your game at the end of Cakes and Ale will not be added until Tea and Scones is very close to release. You will also be able to start with Tea and Scones if you like, creating a new character by answering a bunch of questions.

----------------Progress Updates----------------

Last updated 9/20/21

The two prologues are written (29,000 words).
I have finished chapter one (272,000 words)
Chapter two finished: (283,000 words)
Chapter Three so far: 135,000

Below are cryptic descriptions of the vignettes in chapter three that I still have to write. These will slowly disappear as I write:


Harlowrival ← picking away at this as well, as a break from “coffeehouse”
Coffeehouse ← working on this one now
Dinner (Conduct, Jewel, Music, Elephant, Townpeace; Telegrams)
Complete Darkness


Ahhh wonderful! I hope the writing is going well!


I hope you are having fun!


Starling. I’m calling it. If it is, I am going to be so happy.


I want to see jealous and petty Fitzie when Staring shows up.


and a possible chance of Starling developing feelings for the MC and facing the wrath of a possibly petty and jealous Fitzie. If you swing that way :wink:


Is it true what the reporter says in the first game about Starling considering working for the MC again? Does it mean that will be an option? For players who want a more traditional employee and not pay someone for creating stress and chaos? Maybe Fitzie would go work somewhere else?

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I feel like there’s a character that would be welcome if they were to appear in Tea and Scones. I’m not certain what character that is, though. I wish someone would just come out with it and say it.

But yes, for sure Starling will be in Tea and Scones. Now I just have to write it. That’s the tricky part.


Well… i agree Starling is a tricky route because it all depends on how MC feels about Starling , for some MC , they would absolutely loate for Starling betrayal, i actually felt insult about Jill’s comment about Starling didn’t rule out working for me again , since this is essentially a "hypocritical lip service " for my taste😂

Hence it will be tricky for Starling role in the next book , as it will be expand in a polar opposite direction :sweat_smile:


Espcially since they’ve garnered an interest in fans + being gender variable AND a former servant :joy::laughing:


is it Haze ? :thinking:


It’s Mrs Mudwasp.


Our original MC would be fun…some pc games did pit the sequal’s MC against the original MC


ooooh… yes :grin: I would LOVE that. My Tally Ho MC would have infuriated Fitzie SOOO MUCH. The idea of Fitzie being having a one-sided rivalry/hatred at my previous MC for being much better at the job than they are is hilarious. And the fact that the previous MC can interact with them is … chef’s kiss :ok_hand:

But it might be hard to implement it because Tally Ho has so many branches and different personality branching. But, I dream of having the previous MC interacting with Fitzie


Going for the real fan favorites there.


But our MCs can meet each other already back in Cakes and Ale! It’s off-screen, but Rory can invite JG!MC for tea in the epilogue (only possible if we aren’t at least friends with Fitzie, Tabby, Vyv and Gilberto, alas) and they’ll talk about finally meeting TH!MC if they are still working for/living with Rory in some capacity on the walk back to Noble Gases.

Would love to see them interact more though. Not sure how it’ll happen for MCs who aren’t in London (like, say, we’re too busy being a Hollywood star in the USA, or in Monte Carlo) by the end of Tally Ho, but I’ll settle for some sort of movie/wanted poster or something.


I only know of the Hero Rise and Hero Project series. And I absolutely hated what they did to my OG MC. Just ripped them of all character and made them a bland and vanilla sort of person. I already found myself frowning just a teeny bit when Fitzie said that my Tally Ho MC would be the sort to move into the employer’s home before being interviewed. (I mean, I can totally imagine two or three of my MCs doing that; but the shy, timid one? Nope.)

Are there any other series?


Fitzie hates/is envious of the TH!MC, so we should take what they say about them with a bit of salt, I think. As far as I’m concerned, this particular piece of information was just badmouthing. xD


Haha, i am thinking of Dragon Age series, DA 1 MC was dead but dearly miss, and Hawke in DA 2 appear in Inquisition, where he could be dead in DA 3 as well😂
But i think there was one more crpg , where the hero of the first game kill the initial tyrant and become a king, in game 2 the game 1 hero had become tyrant himself, so the Protagonist of game 2 needs to kill protagonist of game 1…Lol

Ohhh… i aim to choose tally ho MC as criminal so that my Jolly Good MC could catch him😅

Yes i agree on that, although i think at the start we already pick the path for tally ho MC took😅


Yes, that’s what I chalked it down to as well! Fitzie also seems to think that Tally Ho MC was purposefully conspiring against them in the romance of Rory and Frankincense and Mopsie and Figs. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’d have loved to play that game, especially knowing this now. If I hadn’t known and realised I had to take down my poor former MC, whose happy ending I worked so hard to achieve, I’d be super depressed. :DD