The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💚 Game Update, Post 1214]

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Some homecomings feel more like rude awakenings, but this one will become a waking nightmare. Find love while exposing the secrets of your eerie hometown!

The wait is finally over; Book One of The Fernweh Saga is out now for you to experience! :green_heart:


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As of 16 June 2023, I have updated TFS: Book One to include a checkpoint system for each chapter. Please see post 1214 for more details!

I wanted to create a place for Returning Visitors to discuss Book One! Please be considerate of each other and be mindful of spoilers; this is a thriller, so I would love for readers to naturally discover the twists and turns within the plot. Using the blurred/spoiler text and summary text features will help with this; please find a resource on how to use them: here. I appreciate it!

The second post is reserved for FAQs. I will update/manage it as questions come in, so it might be a good idea to check to see if your question has already been answered.

Thank you for all of your support during the writing process of Book One! :green_heart: Your encouragement is motivating as I continue devoting time to and working on Book Two.

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(Last Update: 12 January 2023; this post is a work-in-progress that we can help fill out together! Thank you for your patience. Please feel free to @ mention/DM me, if I overlooked your question and you feel it should go up here.)

>>General TFS Questions!<<
>Is The Fernweh Saga a single book or a series?<

TFS is a series! Book One is finished and available to download; I’m currently working diligently on Book Two.

>What platforms will the game be released on?<

Book One is available on the: COG website, Apple App store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore for Android (Amazon Fire), and Steam. Please find the links in the first post! :smiley:

>Can we create or commission art for TFS?<

Yes, I’m definitely okay with you all creating art/ character edits. I’d love to see/reblog/admire them, if you feel comfortable sharing them here or elsewhere. A reference document/post can be found: here. I’m open to some interpretation as long as skin tone/hair type is always respected; however, this document goes into greater detail about facial traits/features etc.

This document can be a good resource for artists and writers, but also for readers who are curious.

>Are you comfortable with readers writing fanfiction of the TFS characters or set within the world of Fernweh?<

I’m happy that you would be invested enough in the series to write fanfic for it. I would suggest looking at this ask: here for a longer answer. It would be great if you could include ‘The Fernweh Saga’ within the work to let people know where the characters came from.

>How far does the book extend beyond the public demo?<

The demo ends at Chapter 4; Book One is a total of 13 chapters since I wanted it to be an unlucky/spooky number, haha. :ghost: Don’t let that deceive you; the remaining chapters beyond the demo total around 475,000 words, so in total the word count is actually 610,000 words.

>Does the MC have their mother's last name or their fathers? How does the surname fit?<

The MC has their mother’s maiden name (or family name) which comes from their maternal grandfather.

>How old are the characters and the MC in TFS? Are there any set ages or ranges?<

“Aside from being told that the MC left Fernweh before/around their 15th birthday and that it’s been years since then, the MC doesn’t have a set age in canon; here are a few asks ( 1 , 2 , and 3 )”

(Yes, I copied @Lambkin’s reply to this with my linked asks; she is incredible!)

I intentionally left the age relatively open-ended to let you all roleplay as you see fit; the characters tend to be grouped around the MC’s age.


>>Romance Questions<<
> Is there a poly route in Book One? What are the J and R choice options?<

Yes, your MC can experience a poly route with J and R in Book One, just be sure to pick options that include both of their names to signal you have an interest in both of them. It is a relationship between the three of you, not a love triangle. They express interest in the MC and each other.

Do we always need to select the flirty/shy options to accumulate romance points? How is our romance route defined?

Key romantic moments are what help to define your romantic route within TFS.

This was very intentional on my part to let your MCs’ personalities shine through and give you a variety of scenes for replay value! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: More often than not, you will pick a RO route for a romance moment (i.e. who to go into the woods with) and then get more choices to tailor your MC’s dynamic/personality with their RO(s).

It’s kind of like threading a needle or connecting the dots because you will be presented with these key moments throughout Book One where you select your RO(s). For instance within the current demo, you can see this with the candle lighting ceremony and who offers comfort at the cabin. (It also helps to recognize the pattern of the names: B, S, R, J, and JR.) As you move further in the plot, the story keeps track of whom you picked during these romantic moments to determine your MC’s romantic route rather than how you chose to interact with them. How you act still does matter, of course! You will get different scenes, reactions, and fun stuff, but the actual route is determined by whom you select consistently during romantic

Is there a hard romance lock-in in Book One?

There isn’t a firm romance lock-in within Book One; however, the route your MC is on when venturing to the townline does get tracked and recorded within the game’s variables. I have already used this variable in Book Two to inform some of the introductory scenes since it makes sense that you have a solid idea of your route by then. That being said, I will give you a warning in-game when it’s time to firmly lock-in, which will stop the B, S, R, J, and JR listing during RO moments.

I did this for a few reasons! Mainly, flexibility, but also because of the W (aka M) and giving you future scenes to help define how you want to define that dynamic.

The W?! Can you tell me more about them and their paths in Book One? (Spoilers)

The W is a secret RO! I have also received another question about how some players might just want to do them for a single route.

Right now, in Book One they are designed to be a frictional path such that you will still need to pick B,S,R, J, or JR while also choosing to show an interest in them. There are jealousy or tension scenes linked to them, if you express a serious, dedicated interest and pick certain choices along their path–just like the W, they are missable because this is a secret/hidden RO. Even without out those extra scenes, you will get unique moments with them in certain chapters.

(I intentionally did this to keep up their mystery and surprise!)

One player suggested mixing RO options among the known ROs as a way of not expressing a solid interest. This relates to the ‘How is our romance roue defined’ question . Your romance route is defined by key moments, so I do think consistency is best, if you know who you’re interested in! So, your chosen RO(s) + W is a solid decision if you’re interested in possibly romancing the W. I will let you make those choices to focus solely on the W in the future or keep the conflict!

(Some MCs might not even realize the conflict, or develop feelings for both, or possibly want a ‘side piece’ in addition to the other; it can get complicated. I will allow you different overlays/dynamics, but the key point is to pair a route up with the W to be able to develop and see where things will take you in TFS.)

The W will have more scenes in the series, and I do allow you all to keep the friction or to forge a singular path with them among other dynamics, but it won’t be easy. Drama, tension, revelations etc. All of that good stuff is in store! :blush:


>>Setting and Lore Questions<<

(Please note that some of the lore questions will need to be left vague for now, but I do hope to expand it as you all learn more about the town’s history and roots. Ha, see what I did there? )

>Where is Fernweh set? Do you have any real life inspiration for it?<

Fernweh is a fictional town, first and foremost, but I did use my own hometown and forested surroundings as inspiration along with researching a few things about the climate and the terrain.

I might edit more into this answer with either a location or some reference pics. TBC.


>>Book One Specific Questions<<
>Questions About Specific Achievements?<

I’m going to defer to the awesome users on this thread. I don’t want to list too many answers stacked in here. :slight_smile: I believe at least a few readers have obtained all of the achievements, which is an impressive feat that will require replays and different choice pairings. Beyond that, I do know that at least one reader is working on an achievement guide, so that is something I will be happy to add here once it’s finished, until then I will address what questions I can along with others. :trophy:


Aaaaand we’re live!

Wishing you all the best, lacuna. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Joao. I appreciate all your support and help with the game; you’re one of a kind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, at one time someone thought to make a copy, but then found out that before they made me they broke the mould.


Okay, tis gonna sound dumb: But why isn’t that gorgeous pic used as the cover of the Book?


Yeah, this “cover” for the game thread is great :smiley:


I was going for more of a gloomier vibe to get across the suspense/thriller aspect, lol. :black_heart: :green_heart:

I’m glad you like it though! It came after I had already submitted the art assets for Book One.


Awwww, but you could’ve done it. Like for the 1st book, same scene but night time with a Moon between those tree? Since that’s how the game start.

And the seasons changes, or something as the books pile up…

By the time we get to Fernweh 100th book, we get a Glimpse of you by a window scribbling away :grin:

What? Dreaming too much? hey it can happen!


My goodness…seeing the Becca scene you pointed out to me in context (on the WIP thread after the sick care ask) makes it even better than it already was. On one hand I want to do an Silas route or a Reese route or even a Jane route, but I want to replay Becca’s route again…well done! It’s so difficult! Also young Waffles is adorable.


:partying_face: congratulations for the release!!

I already bought mine, can’t wait to play it later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
B and J here I comeeee


I am very excited, I just bought it! Wish me luck friends :blush:

I didn’t even finish the Demo, because I wanted to wait for the full experience, I am very excited. I have seen so much positivity in the chat for the demo that I am buzzing with anticipation while it downloads. Wish me luck in romancing boos! Also, can I ask for clarity if there is any poly routes? It says five routes and 4 ROs so… :thinking:

Response to @lo6otia :
Can I add, is it a triad or a V? I should have asked in the original typing but I forgor that some stories write as it being the two attracted to the MC but not eachother. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Yes, there is a poly route with J and R

@Phenrex Edit: it’s a triad, they’re all attracted to each other


Hi! You’re in for a real treat! TFS is honestly an amazing title and has become my instant top favorite! :heart_eyes:

Yes, there is a poly route. J and R have a poly route that is separate and unique from their individual routes. :green_heart: :black_heart:

You’re so fast. :slight_smile:


I wonder what skills people chose?

On an unrelated note, my love of B feels truly cemented.


For my sweet Marcie (my main Silas-mancing and W-mancing MC), I chose Empathetic Impressions. I’m still trying to get a feel for what suits my other two girls (Maggie (romancing Becca) and Fiona (romancing Jane and Reese (actually, Fiona has a tangled web of relationships, haha)).)

Which skill(s) did you choose for your MC(s)? (I hope it’s okay to ask; I love hearing about other people’s MCs. :heart: )

Bee deserves all the love and to be protected and cherished! :orange_heart:

gazes sadly at all the ‘like’ buttons I can’t click because I ran out of love to give today :broken_heart:


I’m sure its no surprise to people who’ve heard me talk about my MC’s before, but I gave Fanny, (who is romancing Reese and whose two highest personality stats are sincerity and merciful) Empathetic Impressions. I gave my James romancing MC, Gianna, retrocognition, but I haven’t fully decided for my other two. I’m leaning towards extrasensory awareness for Charlotte, my Silas-mancing MC, and Empathetic Impressions for Naomi who’s romancing Beckett (she flirts with everyone, but this is who I consider her cannon romance.)

I finally was able to buy the game, so now I can be cool like the rest of you. :}


Wait, what’s this skills thing? I don’t remember that from the beta. Is it new stuff in the release version?


It sure is! And now the activity from yesteryear (first mentioned in Ch 4 by Grandfather’s diary) is tracked by the game and may (or may not—I do not know what FS2 shall bring) reappear.

Speaking of, what did people choose for their yesteryear activities? I put Arthur (romancing Becca, naturally) down as science (not sure which one would best overlap with the civil engineering I see him doing as an adult, but oh well, that’s what replaying is for) and his special skill is Awareness.

Now time to make new characters…


Huh, I was going to wait for the save system to be implemented to play, but if there’s new stuff, here I come.