Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

It’s here!! :tada:

Between the monster attacks and the magic theory essays, your sophomore year at Magi Academy is shaping up to be a killer.

Keeper of the Day and Night is a 390,000 word interactive urban fantasy novel by Brynn Chernosky, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

A newly declared keeper, you realize life hasn’t changed much when you’re attacked by werewolves over the summer. With the aftermath of a demon attack to deal with, the kidnapping of a girl who isn’t supposed to exist, and more magic theory homework than ever, your sophomore year at Magi Academy is shaping up to be a killer. Hopefully not literally.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual
  • Romance one of ten love interests, from a bubbly clairvoyant to an ornery nephilim
  • Learn to control your powers as one of seven unique species, while raising a hellhound puppy, phantom kitten, or dragon hatchling
  • Choose your classes for each semester, from Artifacts to Battle Magic
  • Embrace your celebrity status as a keeper, or swear off press conferences forever
  • Discover the secrets of New Magi City, and become involved in the intrigue yourself
  • Support one of the factions working to take control of NMC, or try to take control yourself

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This thread is meant for all post-release feedback discussion for Keeper of the Day and Night. Feel free to discuss anything about Keeper of the Day and Night or ask any questions about it below. I hope you all enjoy! :blush:

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For now, here are some FAQs:


How many secrets are there?

There are thirteen total secrets to discover. It is not possible to discover all of the secrets in one playthrough, or even two.

Is Keeper of the Day and Night part of a series?

Yes. Keeper of the Day and Night is a sequel to Keeper of the Sun and Moon, and is intended to be a three part series. The third game is already in progress, and I’ll be posting a WIP thread shortly.

When will the next game come out?

Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer. For a rough estimate, it took three years to write and publish Sun and Moon(!) and a little over two years to write and publish Day and Night. Like for the other games, the in-progress version of book three will be publicly available.

The ROs

Altair Adtaz

Species: Cambion
Known abilities: Darkness manipulation, fire manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic
Personality: Sweet, helpful, reliable
Appearance: Near black hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin, has freckles across his cheeks
What others have to say about Altair:

  • Astrid - “He’s nice, but he can be overbearing sometimes.”
  • Cressida - “Alty’s a real sweetheart. Any person would be lucky to have him.”
  • Cyrus - “He’s cool. Way better to be around than his sister."
  • Katia - “Altair’s really nice, from what I’ve heard!”
  • Kol - “He always says hi to me.”
  • Leon - “Altair’s cool.”
  • Seraphina - “He’s quite closed off, despite pretending otherwise.”
  • Thalia - “Altair’s a complete bore.”
  • Yakov - “He seems rather nice.”
Astrid Adtaz

Species: Cambion
Known abilities: Darkness manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic
Personality: Cheerful, strong willed, loyal
Appearance: Medium blonde hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin
What others have to say about Astrid:

  • Altair - “She’s my sister, and I love her…But she can be a bit much.”
  • Cressida - “Asta’s great. Most of the time.”
  • Cyrus - “She definitely has a temper.”
  • Katia - “I haven’t met her, but she seems really sweet!”
  • Kol - “Astrid’s heart is in the right place.”
  • Leon - “She likes to argue. It’s entertaining.”
  • Seraphina - “She needs to learn how to control herself.”
  • Thalia - “Blondie’s fun.”
  • Yakov - “She tries to be kind to people.”
Cressida Monroe

Species: Nephilim
Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic
Appearance: Curly near black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, usually wears gold nail polish
Personality: Calculating, charming, ambitious
What others have to say about Cressida:

  • Altair - “Cressida is really sweet if you get to know her.”
  • Astrid - “Cressy’s great. Most of the time.”
  • Cyrus - “She’s not the most forthright of people.”
  • Katia - “She seems like she would get along with Gisela.”
  • Kol - “She seemed nice when I met her.”
  • Leon - “Cressida is great, when she’s not manipulating you.”
  • Seraphina - “She likes to think she’s smarter than other people.”
  • Thalia - “She definitely throws good parties.”
  • Yakov - “I don’t know her very well.”
Cyrus Monroe

Species: Nephilim
Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic
Personality: Sullen, determined, snarky
Appearance: Short dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin, likes wearing leather jackets
What others have to say about Cyrus:

  • Altair - “He’s nice, if a bit rough around the edges.”
  • Astrid - “He’s a jerk who likes to pretend he’s not a secret softy.”
  • Cressida - “He’s not the most polite of people.”
  • Katia - “I don’t really know him.”
  • Kol - “He seems kind of scary, but the one time I talked to him he was nice.”
  • Leon - “Cyrus is funny. He’s good to complain with.”
  • Seraphina - “He’s honest, which I can respect.”
  • Thalia - “He’s a respectable duelist. Ugh, I can’t believe I said that.”
  • Yakov - “I heard he volunteers at the animal shelter.”
Katia Meyer

Species: Nymph
Known abilities: Clairvoyance, telekinesis, control magic, celestial magic
Personality: Optimistic, hyper, cheerful
Appearance: Black hair, hazel doe eyes, olive skin, soft features
What others have to say about Katia:

  • Altair - “We haven’t met.”
  • Astrid - “Katia’s super cheerful.”
  • Cressida - “She seems very sheltered.”
  • Cyrus - “Don’t know her.”
  • Kol - “She’s a really sweet person.”
  • Leon - “Never met her.”
  • Seraphina - “Katia’s very gentle, and very attached to Gisela.”
  • Thalia - “Katia’s enjoyable.”
  • Yakov - “She sounds like she’s very kind."
Kol Foster

Species: Shifter
Known abilities: Shapeshifting
Personality: Friendly, realistic, easygoing
Appearance: Medium brown hair, black eyes, medium brown skin
What others have to say about Kol:

  • Altair - “Kol’s nice. We get along well.”
  • Astrid - “He can be a bit of a stick in the mud.”
  • Cressida - “He seems like such a sweet thing.”
  • Cyrus - “He seems like a bore.”
  • Katia - “I like him a lot. He’s really kind.”
  • Leon - “He’s always super nice…No one’s that nice.”
  • Seraphina - “He has a calming presence.”
  • Thalia - “Lover boy would be more fun if he were able to let loose.”
  • Yakov - “He’s the most sane of us all.”
Leon Dalton

Species: Nephilim
Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic
Personality: Arrogant, strong willed, dependable
Appearance: Artfully messy light brown/dark blond hair, blue eyes, tan
What others have to say about Leon:

  • Altair - “He’s nice when he’s not arguing with Astrid.”
  • Astrid - “He’s incredibly arrogant and always looking to pick a fight.”
  • Cressida - “Leon can be very entertaining.”
  • Cyrus - “He’s good to hang out with.”
  • Katia - “I’ve never met him, but he seems nice.”
  • Kol - “Leon is definitely…something. If he could learn to stop talking, our in-dorm peace would benefit from it.”
  • Seraphina - “His heart seems to be in the right place…no matter how misdirected its attempts.”
  • Thalia - “He’s a spoiled brat, and easy to bother, but overall a great guy to be around.”
  • Yakov - "He’s nice, albeit overly proud.”
Seraphina Delacroix

Species: Nymph
Known abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, control magic, celestial magic
Personality: Aloof, observant, self-assured
Appearance: Dark red hair, hazel eyes, light skin, high cheekbones
What others have to say about Seraphina:

  • Altair - “Seraphina’s…kind of intimidating, honestly.”
  • Astrid - “She’s a total ‘holier than thou’ type.”
  • Cressida - “She likes to think she’s smarter than other people.”
  • Cyrus - “I like her. She annoys Cressida, which is always a plus.”
  • Katia - “Seraphina’s wonderful, amazing, brilliant—I could go on all day”
  • Kol - “She’s incredibly smart. It’s kind of scary.”
  • Leon - “She’s tolerable when she’s not bossing you around”
  • Thalia - “She’s pretty anti-fun. Not cool, Red.”
  • Yakov - “Seraphina’s a good person.”
Thalia Sato

Species: Siren
Known abilities: Air manipulation, telekinesis, supernatural strength
Personality: Animated, impulsive, adaptable
Appearance: Straight black hair, near black eyes, sharp features
What others have to say about Thalia:

  • Altair - “She’s fun, and easy to get along with.”
  • Astrid - “I’ll never forgive her for the Thanksgiving stunt she pulled.”
  • Cressida - “She annoys Cyrus, which is enough for me.”
  • Cyrus - “She’s a competent enough duelist, regrettably.”
  • Katia - “Thalia seems to like me. I don’t think that’s a good thing.”
  • Kol - “We’re close…I don’t know how that happened or when she stopped vaguely threatening me to make that happen."
  • Leon - “She’s cool when she’s not pressing your buttons.”
  • Seraphina - “She has no impulse control. At all.”
  • Yakov - “She’s very energetic.”
Yakov Vasilyev

Species: Wraith
Known abilities: Healing, telekinesis
Personality: Reserved, stoic, observant
Appearance: Light blond hair, grey eyes, pale
What others have to say about Yakov:

  • Altair - “He seems nice.”
  • Astrid - “Yakov’s good to vent to. He always seems to know exactly what to say.”
  • Cressida - “I don’t know him very well.”
  • Cyrus - “He’s not a blabbermouth like some people.”
  • Katia - “Seraphina likes him. That’s good enough for me!"
  • Kol - “He doesn’t talk very much.”
  • Leon - “He helped me study for biology.”
  • Seraphina - “He’s very intelligent.”
  • Thalia - “Yakov’s good to spar with.”

Achievement guide Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion) - #240 by Kion-kun

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It isn’t showing up as having a price on the main website for some reason? I wanted to buy it there, but there’s no option to buy it. It just says next chapter, and I most certainly hadn’t purchased yet.


Congratulations on release! :tada:

Capoo Hooray


Super congrats on this release ive already played throught once and loving it

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Congratulations on your release! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, and I’m so excited for everyone to play through this so I can scream about the amazing plot and character development :heart:


A quick question: Is this a sequel?

The description doesn’t say it is, but the synopsis makes it sound like it is.

It is a sequel to Keeper of the Sun and Moon.

I am new to this series, but I love this game. Also Sera’s route as a kitsune exceeded my angst-spectations.


It is! And there’s a third book coming, which is the final one. The author also considered doing a spin-off book too


Thanks, everyone!! :blush:

Hm that’s weird, sorry about that! It looks like you can play through the demo and purchase at the end of the demo though (end of Chapter 3)!

Yes, it’s a sequel to Keeper of the Sun and Moon!


I’m going to cry myself to sleep thinking about Leon’s route



air conditioning frowns slightly

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I am thrilled to be able to continue my journey through this wonderfully created series.



@daydreamsincolor Just finished my Hunter & Yakov Brohood. I’m so happy. I got to do lots of fun things I wasn’t expecting. !Screenshot_20210401-135009_Keeper of the Day and Night|281x500

Needs a chaotic option like “I’m doing this because fighting frostbites agents is fun”

A hunter specific option like “It’ll be easier dealing with frostbite with the help of former agents” would make a lot of sense.


I think a scene is missing here. This is after i ask sera how she would protect my parents and the choices to pick how organised i am was gone


One word. Fantastic. Really, Kitsune and Sera’s routes mesh so well it’s just… chef’s kiss

Can’t wait for the third book and smash all those who dared to hurt best girl.

Hopefully we will get to interrogate our dear old man as well, been waiting to put that Willpower into use. Will be fun ripping his mind piece by piece. The least he deserves for doing what he did to Alexa. Couldn’t help but tear up a little at the last memory.

Aside from that. I didn’t expect that much of a sympathetic story from Davina and hell, even Reyna. My opinion of Brant has made quite a turn as well. I still think he is a fuck-up, but at least probably not a malicious one. Honestly, you did a fantastic job at showing us their perspetives.

And a personal thanks, as someone from that one country that shares the name of a certain flightless bird. Doesn’t have a good reputation, largely due to the actions of a mad tyrant, nowadays, but it is still good to see it used in stories. It is sadly criminally underused, despite the rich history of the land.


So this is a question for the series in general, because I’m starting fresh with a new game since my memory is blah, but where do you guys like to have the MC be from?

In the forest at the end, would our attacker have died if I only selected to finish him off? It was kinda lame that he just escaped when I made the decision to finish them both off.
Or are both of them protected by plot armor?

I loved the game overall, Seraphina’s route was great, and I liked that you included certain details about past decisions when it came to certain choices like the final politics appearance.
Also Jarrod needs to give me a gun already.


The complete monster achievement doesn’t seem to activate

The latter at least for now hopefully that will change next book

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Why is it when I click on the link to purchase this on Amazon it takes me to the hosted games omnibus?
By the way I’ve never been able to download the omnibus it just gives me an infinite install ing screen
This is going to be available as a standalone app on Amazon right?