Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

Yup, unlike traditional narratives, you have to consider all the different branches that will sprout out of a single decision especially those that are meant to have sweeping changes to the world. It is the challenge of all IFs I guess. I don’t really mind the question of agency as I expect it to be resolved in Book Three based on the final scene of Book Two. I’m just saying I get why some might find the MC to be “weak” but I implore those to wait until Book Three to fully pass their judgement on MC’s journey.


Kitsune. Gisela’s illusion training helps willpower.



First of all, congratulation on the release of KotDaN @daydreamsincolor ! Just finished my first playthrough and I enjoyed the outcome very much, I was happy that my Keeper is able to capture all three Frostbite Agents. Didn’t exprect to do and was able to revive Kol! :laughing: Though there some choices I would probably explore more.

For those who tried the Leon’s route during the epilogue, , there’s the part that he manipulated the MC into hating him. Majority if the options were greyed out except for the first one (My Keeper hating him). I assume this is tied to the sanity score for them to be available? Most of the time my Keeper focus on training and trying to survive and avoiding politics all together. I’m just curious but my Keeper nevertheless broke the “spell” which I am very glad. I wonder if there’s a alternative scene from this regardless of the choice made?

I enjoyed the game fully and looking forward to the final book!

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Im fairly sure you need willpower greater than or equal to 40 to get the greyed out options for his route.


Are there any effect if you choose the other choices? To be honest, I really thought that Leon and my Keeper will broke up when I saw only one option. :joy: But it didn’t end that way and I was practically bawling when true love broke the spell (cheesy I know… :smirk:)

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Achievement Guide!

Since I’m done with replaying the whole game over and over again, I thought it would be nice to help others get the achievements for themselves.

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything and I’ll update the whole thing. :flushed::call_me_hand:

Massive Spoilers Inside
Media Darling

In Chapter 5, during the press conference, choose any of the options provided here:

“Is there anything you would like to let the American people know?”

“Please stay calm and do not panic. We’ll get through this.”
“Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community.”
“I won’t let Reyna get away with this. You can count on that.”

When questioned regarding your stance on the SAVIOR act:

“I prefer to remain apolitical to ensure the independence of the keepers.”
“I respect Secretary Monroe, but I am unable to support the SAVIOR Act.”
“I support the intentions of the bill, if not some of the harsher provisions.”
“That act will help protect us all, ensuring a brighter future for America.”

When asked about what kind of legacy you will leave:

“I aspire to live up to the reputation of my predecessor.”
“I hope to serve this city as best I can, just like Brant did.”
“I prefer to think of what I can do to best help people.”

Persuasion Fail

In Chapter 5, pick the options that aren’t in the Media Darling achievement guide.

Only Human

In Chapter 5, respond affirmatively to American Ambassador Liu’s invitation. Have >=30 cunning in Chapter 11 and pick the option to use the truth potion on Liu.

Feared or Loved

In Chapter 5, respond affirmatively to Secretary Monroe’s invitation. Have >=30 cunning in Chapter 11 and pick the option to use the truth potion on Monroe.

The High Priestess

In Chapter 5, respond affirmatively to Nymph Celosia’s invitation. Have >=30 cunning in Chapter 11 and pick the option to use the truth potion on Celosia.

The Road to Hell

In Chapter 5, respond affirmatively to Secretary Patil’s invitation. Have >=30 cunning in Chapter 11 and pick the option to use the truth potion on Patil.

He Who Fights Monsters

Play as a hunter. In Chapter 7, have >20 cunning and call Darzi out on the sunflowers sent to Kol at the hospital when he was in a coma.

By Any Other Name

Play as a Kitsune. Automatically unlocked in Chapter 10. (Hits harder if you do Sera’s romance route.:pensive:)


Play as a human, hunter, or magician. Automatically unlocked in Chapter 10.

Dream of Me

You’ll get this achievement if you have intelligence >=25/cunning >=20 before Tremblay uses the bomb in Chapter 11.

Rumor Has it

Have >=60 relationship with Marcela during Chapter 12. (Don’t be an ass to her, seriously)


There are multiple ways to unlock this.

  1. If you side with Marcela and lose the battle against Dominic, you can select the option “How did you do it? How did you survive against two keepers?” if you have >=30 intelligence.
  2. If you stay out of the fight and let Dominic defeat Marcela, you can select the option “How did you do it? How did you survive against a keeper?” if you have >=30 intelligence.
  3. If you beat Dominic in battle, you may select the option “I’m going to try to convince Dominic to turn on Frostbite.” if your relationship with Dominic + cunning>=90
Best Served Cold

You need to have the single dad set as family for this. Automatically unlocked in Chapter 9.


Have the single mom set as family. Do the memory ritual with Seraphina in Chapter 9. Automatically unlocks in the epilogue.

Complete Monster

You need adoptive parents set as family for this.

When given the chance to capture Tremblay during his escape in Chapter 11, let him go. In the epilogue, he will return and reveal something about himself. Your MC will piece it together.

Self Control

Do Altair’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

The Astrid Exclusive

Do Astrid’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Solar Twin

Do Cyrus’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Lunar Twin

Do Cressida’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

True Enough

Do Kol’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Do You Remember

Do Katia’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

My Sister's Keeper

Do Leon’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Was It Worth It

Do Seraphina’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Too Much Red

Do Thalia’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Den Of Wolves

Do Yakov’s Route. You automatically unlock this achievement in Chapter 11.

Memento Mori

Do Seraphina’s route. Have >=55 relationship with Davina in Chapter 9.

The Day Dreamer

In Chapter 9, stick to your best fighting stat to beat Reyna. Don’t run. (Don’t be scared of a ratchet ass looking hoe, man.)

Double Trouble

During Chapter 12, when confronted with the choice to side with either Marcela or Dominic, pick neither, and side with yourself. Make sure you have some good fighting stats for this.

The Three Musketeers

Capture Andrei Volkov in Chapter 9, Professor Tremblay in Chapter 11, and Dominic in Chapter 12. Again, stick to your best fighting stats.


I’ve gotten Dream of Me with low (teens) cunning before; I was playing a character with jacked intelligence, in fairness.


2 things, pretty sure Tripartate doesn’t automatically unlock in chapter 12. Only times I’ve gotten it were with high cunning and intelligence and choosing the option to try to get Dominic to switch sides. Not sure what the exact requirements are, but it’s not an automatic achievement.

Second thing, for Media Darling, when asked about the SAVIOR Act, you can say “this act is a complete erosion of longstanding democratic principles” (or the one that sounds the closest to that, I can’t remember exactly what it was) and still get the achievement, as long as the other two answers are from the guide you posted.


Thanks for the corrections! Updated the thing.

I honestly thought it would unlock automatically if you simply beat Dominic since, in my first playthrough, that’s what I did but I also took down Marcela. I forgot the fact that I tried to convince him to turn against Frostbite afterwards.

Also, the media darling has a hidden stat called ‘success’, and I think the option you suggested doesn’t add to that stat. It does increase cunning, though.


No, they don’t really change or affect anything.

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Thank you for this. I’ll probably try to keep my Keeper willpower up next time. :joy: Another question for non Leon routes: does the MC have an active participation in matching up Astrid and Leon or you could still friends with both without matching them up? I’m planning to do a Yakov or Cyrus route next and I have to admit that I tend to be a bit of protective when it comes to my favorite ROs. ^^;

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Yeah, I think if you don’t bet on them getting together they won’t date?

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If you encourage them to apologize/accept the apology, and don’t bet against it/think they are terrible together, they get together (my PC stayed out of the betting entirely, but not because he thought they were terrible together; he had other things on his mind then).

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Also, who else can we matchmake? I only know Leon+Astrid, Kol+(uhh Reyna Brother I believe?). I swear I heard from somewhere that Thalia can be matchmake too. But Idk with who, bc I never got that scene?

Leon and Astrid are the only ones who require matchmaking. Kol and Thalia will both end up in relationships on their own, just so long as they’re not dating MC.


ooh, I thought Kol and Thalia need matchmaking too.

He is Alty is very precious. :hugs: :smiling_imp:

My mc hated his sperm donor even more for abusing his cute boyfriend for his nefarious projects. Alty’s intentions may have been noble, but we just know Lysander is going to misuse this all in the pursuit of profit. :angry: The road to hell and good intentions and all that. :worried:

My mc really tried to talk Alty out of involvement with Lysander and PMI. In hindsight this could also be chalked up to one of the misunderstandings my mc and Alty have due to the fact that they both love to keep their secrets. :sweat_smile:
My mc sees Alty being (ab)used by his sperm donor, like the Constellation project all over again, while Alty thinks my mc is questioning his intelligence and competence while what my mc is actually objecting to is being involved in likely nefarious business by Lysander and PMI, but Alty does not know my mc has his own connections to Lysander and PMI. :sweat_smile:

I felt my mc was more helpless this time actually…we still obviously know quite a bit less about the legal, cultural etc stuff than the others and it continues to bite the mc in the ass throughout the book. Moreover and more annoyingly the mc is prevented from practising the best kind of self care by easing up on their overburdened schedule the only way that is feasible, by transitioning from a full time to a part time student.
Maybe, like remedial magic, this goes together with the point above and the mc does not know it is an option and/or nobody takes them seriously when they do voice their concerns because the mc does not have the knowledge, connections or stature to stand up for themselves.

I mean, as far as the limited and purely reactionary influence of the mc goes, we cannot even confront Lysander over the shit he pulled with Alty! :unamused:

I think that therapy and mental health care is one of the things the magical world is much worse at than even our contemporary one and therapy is really just in its infancy in the magical world. I think there was a bit on the Tumblr about how in the magical world Magi is progressive for even offering student counselling services…never mind their actual quality and professionalism. Really magical world mental health care, specifically therapy, feels like a throwback to dr, Freud and penis envy. :sweat:
It’s really too bad the secrecy requirements prevent the mc from using, a normal, human trained therapist. Best case here would be we find someone who works as a human psychiatrist but who, like Lucas, already has knowledge of the magical work, so we can speak freely with them without suffering through the backwards ways of magical mental healthcare.

Normal keepers are, the mc is not. Mostly due to them lacking detailed knowledge of the world.
They also already have the most potent weapon against the mc that there is, at least Patil and maybe Celosia do If it were revealed the mc’s Keeper thing is artificial it would probably not end well for the mc


Do you guys know what the answer is to this question: What’s a limitation of peripheral elemental manipulation compared to affinity elemental manipulation?

It’s harder to use

Thanks, everyone! :blush: Any requests for book three? My goal is to have a demo out by mid May.


Hi! So far sanity hasn’t had a major impact in books one or two, so I was fine keeping it hidden. If it ends up being important in book three, I’ll of course make it visible

Be a nephilim or magician


Not many, since most don’t put in the effort to learn

Stronger offense/defense, more maneuverability

In general, no

If you’re on their friend route in book two

No promises, since book three is already going to be huge, but I do enjoy wiring Gisela, so if I have inspiration maybe

Book three is set while everyone’s still in college, but you’re free to imagine what happens afterwards!


Fun fact: I planned for that to happen, then decided that I’m not THAT mean :grin: