Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Would a Game Guide for CCH1 & 2 be helpful? post 1941)

This is my attempt to funnel post-release feedback and discussion all in one place.

Any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc., are welcome. I am trying to keep a thick skin, especially since I frequently encourage everyone to both provide and accept such feedback. With your help, I want to make Part 3 stronger.

Also, at least through Sunday, if you are going to discuss spoilerish information, please please please remember to use the brackets like this [spoiler]blah blah blah[/ spoiler] to hide any spoilerish information in your posts. I will use brackets frequently as well, especially for the next few days.

(Note that you would not leave a space between the / and the word spoiler in the last bracket.)

I would also love to hear wishes/expectations for Part 3, because frankly there is a LOT I have to deliver on in that one.

We are pushing through a patch asap on the game-breaking bug in Issue 6! For now, do NOT ask Dirty Girl to talk to the looters in Issue 6. It will break the game. (Thankfully, as this is a selectable_if choice, and requires a certain combination of stats to see it, most readers won’t even see this choice…but some will).


@Eric_Moser I must say I Really enjoyed the sequel. It made me forget all the problems i am currently going through. would have bought the game on 2 different platforms or subscribe to you on Patreon by now but my money is tight these days.

So i guess dating Uni in part1 is completely useless in Part2? Is She no longer a RO? as you have no option to pick her when your Mother asks if you are dating someone

soooo what are the chances of The Manipulator (Beautiful One armed bastard :wink: ) being a RO in part3???.


One option I’d love is to betray Manipulator once she shows me the weaknesses of the Diabolical Dozen. Doesn’t matter if she supposedly switched sides, she killed a 13 year old in a terrorist attack and was planning on killing a bunch of other kids as well. Villains like her deserve no mercy.

Other than that, my overall view of the game is very positive. My favorite part of it was how it was the branching of choices; while there still are some parts here and there that are railroaded, it’s a lot more diverse than the first book. Especially considering that, depending on your choices, Combat Wombat and the Hedonist will either live or die. Wonder how that’s gonna play out in the third book.

As always, my eternal struggle of trying to pick between Dirty Girl and Stoic still lives on. One’s a spunky trouble-making lass who wants to have fun, the other is a silent kuudere waifu who just doesn’t give a shit. For the life of me, I simply cannot pick between the two.

One thing that really caught my attention was the new non-Zenith villain who was added in. I was just enthralled and endlessly intrigued by them. So much so to the point where I even started to forget about the D12 for a bit. I don’t know, a notorious villain who starts terrorizing the place that has grown colse to you over the past few months and who is your sole responsibility to stop really appealed to me. A shame he seems to be a short term villain and you get to deal with him at the end of Chapter 7. I really would love it if he was a long term character.

Long story short; the wait was worth it.


@TheGoodRebel, Hey I appreciate your support as a reader/player regardless! I’m glad it provided you a distraction from other things going on.

@AAO, trust me, I’ve thought about that first option you mention. It does seem like a natural position that many MCs might take, and I have to consider putting in that sort of choice. And yes, I tried to make a few more diverse paths this time without making it a total nightmare to wrap up. I did force myself to start Issue 9 now with three different beginnings, so…yeah…yay me.

And the non-Zenith villain was the winning entry from the charity auction two years ago. I just emailed the winning bidder actually, and told him about the release. Of course, the Wyvern is only definitely out of the picture if you kill him.. So yeah, there’s another point where I let folks deviate in a big way.

EDITED TO ADD: It’s funny, @TheGoodRebel wants to woo the Manipulator, while @AAO wants a chance to backstab her!


So youre telling me theres a chance??? Hmmmm.

Can you kindly address my question regarding the state of Uni as a RO?


She does not make an appearance in Part 2. Now whether or not she returns in some capacity in Part 3, seeing as how the student body has lost about 2/3 of its members, remains to be seen.


Well, I already knew she wont make an appearance in part 2 but my concern is that she wasnt even an option when your Mother asks you if you were dating someone, so that basically ends your attachment to her. If i remember correctly there was an option in the CCH2 demo that you would not end your Relationship with Uni and you would wait for her as long it takes.

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There wasn’t an option to continue romancing her after she left in CCH1 from what I remember (while for Stunner there was an option to start a long distance relationship)
Though I think he probably just dropped her as an RO cause she was the least popular of the ROs (in the RO poll at least)?

Sorry not sure where to ask this, but where can I buy it, I cannot buy it on steam in the UK right now :frowning:

Am I the only one having this issue with steam?

I live in Portugal, having the same issue here. Think I’m gonna go for the Android version on Play Store, if it’s working correctly (which it rarely is).

Does anyone know if CCH2 has been released in the play store for android

When to click on it on the website and it’s saying I have to put my username and password before I can go on it… I have never had this before… is that meant to happen…?

And when I click cancel it say (This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required)

Guide for all the memorization part she of the game so far

Thought I would help all those who don’t want to study for HELL


You can buy a boost to
Pow and zap
Hmm and shh
Thud and woosh
For 500 individually or 1300 for all during the speck trip at the store
Or you can go with tress for for free choice of hmm, thud, or woosh

The code for the Wyvern’s house is 4 and 5000 up

If the hedonist leaves he will live but if you choose to stay he will die protecting the group from a bomb


I would email support at choiceofgames dot com


I thoroughly enjoyed the game, the writing which was very solid in the first entry has noticably improved. There also seems to be quite a bit more meat on the bone, in terms of narrative options and that is always appreciated. I always feel the good mark of a game is how soon I want to play it again, and I’ll be back to playing this one at the next opportunity to do so. Congratulations on a successful release. I’m very much looking forward to seeing part 3.

All the best.

My only real complaint is that I’m kinda disappointed and a bit bummed out with how Uni was completely written out of the game. I really saw potential for her to grow as a character and was looking forward to seeing where she ended up verus where she started from in the first game.


I’ll bet your teachers loved you in their classes.


Is it still doing so?

Not when I click on your link but if I go to the actual site and try straight from there it still is… :confused:

Yeah, it looks like the link from the main Hosted Games page needs to be updated?

Edit: It looks like it’s been updated.

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First I wanted to take down the Manipulator until the ending, now I only desire a “side with the Manipulator and take down all the four faction” ending for CCH3 Is something wrong in me?