Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


Good morning, everyone!

I appreciate that everyone is speaking in vague comments and automatically imposing a “no spoilers” rule on themselves. You folks know the drill. I’ll open a release thread later today but will wait a bit longer since it’s really not officially released yet.

And @hustlertwo, thanks for mentioning that. Your post led me to check out the IOS charts just now. Part 1 hasn’t been that high since probably Dec 2015 or January 2016, so yeah I hope Part 1 gets a decent bump. Will definitely be keeping an eye on that.


I really liked the part with the orgy!

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Shhh…that’s bonus content.


-the Manipulator sits at the end of a table, flicking a wayward strand of platinum blonde hair from her forehead. She clears her throat.-

Ahem, a poem to mark this special occasion…

Violets are blue.
Roses are red.
Wave goodbye to those kids.
Thanks to me, they’re all dead.

-she rises from her seat-

It’s time.

-and teleports away-


Kinda wanna read the achievements now :thinking:


Someone is on Cloud Nine over here :smirk:. In any event, congrats and can’t wait to play it @Eric_Moser


It’s finally here woooo


Why is this the first time I’ve seen this…dear lord…it’s actually coming :scream:


Yay. :grimacing:

(and a random string of letter that just happen to form words out of pure chance, oh yes…)




Part 2 out
Stoic RO



How about the male ROs? Perhaps a hint? =]


Guys i need help. So I got the game last night and decide to go back to cch 1 to save the game (didn’t finished, I left it before it ended). So save it last night and tried to load it today but it doesn’t show the save game…do I have to play the first game again? :weary:


Same ROs like last game (Crook included)

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The game was updated to 1.0.1 with save game fix. Check if your version is updated.


Have you updated? There’s a new version that fixes it.

Thanks for the info so far I haven’t found any male ROs interesting. I was planning to go after Crook but he’s married. XD

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Try closing the app then reloading. My saves weren’t showing and just exiting and trying again worked for me.

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Urgent: Did anyone else get a game-killing bug when they asked Dirty Girl to talk to the looters?

Someone on Facebook claims to have gotten this error code: line 1872: can’t fairAdd to non-percentile value: 134

Specifically, I guess this could be an Android issue? (I wouldn’t know, as I have Apple). Or I guess it could be a pirate version with the bug. Or maybe I’m missing something.


Okay, It’s almost noon here. I’m closing up this thread.

Go here: Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post-Release Discussion) for post-release discussion.

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