Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


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Part 2’s outline is complete and I’m actively writing Issue 5! I would anticipate having Issue 5 ready for some initial feedback/testing by Halloween. :jack_o_lantern: Since it may be months before Part I is published, feedback on Part 2 will need to take place in a private thread.

I’m seeking folks who are ready, willing and able to give me feedback from Halloween until the end of the year. Hopefully by early 2016, Part I will be published and then I could maybe move Part 2 testing to a public thread.

I’d strongly prefer folks who provided thoughtful and detailed feedback either in the Part I WiP thread or during Part 1 beta testing (you know who you are!) :wink: because you’ve established a track record with me, and also because you’re familiar with the details of the story. I really need your help because there is a LOT going on in Part 2, and it’s going to be challenging to keep all the plates spinning! I reeeeally don’t want to overlook any of the subplots.

If you’re interested and meet the above description, please post to this thread or send me a PM

Any recommended WIP interactive novels?
COG Games you'd like to see sequels to

Super ( hehe ) duper interested. :slight_smile:


I’m extremely interested in helping test


I’m willing to help with the playtest


I could help if you still need beta testers.


I’d like to help. Of course that’s only if you think I did a good job last time.


Same as @Jjcb above, I’d love to test for you as well again! #TeamUni


I’d love to help :smile:


I enjoyed providing feedback on the philosophy of the Contrarian in August of last year, and I’d be happy to help again.


If there’s still room I have the time and experience from issue 1


Thanks for the great response thus far, everyone! I received a good number of PMs too. I’ll leave it open for a while because there’s absolutely no hurry.


I’d gladly help out if you’re still accepting applicants.


If there’s any room, I’d gladly pop in too.


I wanta test I wanta stest please I’ve been there since the begining and I love this series please let me test for you.


If you have an open spot I would love to help out!


Hey hornhead I’d love to help you out of you believe I’m what you can use to get the best feedback possible, I hope I get to help you :smile:


I would love to help test for you again :slight_smile:


It makes me really excited to see so many familiar faces (uh icons) volunteering to help again! You guys (meant in a gender-neutral way) are awesome.

I know I said “about a dozen” at first, but really I don’t see any reason to impose some arbitrary limit.

I guess my only concern is that a few of you may not have been involved in the last beta rounds, and therefore you might not have read the final version of Part I, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Maybe it will be published sooner than I think?!? Hope springs eternal.


I read an early version of part 1 before it was beta and I would love to help test! It was hands down one of my favorite superhero games! (:


I played the full beta, (you know how) and I’m ready to help you again!