Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Would a Game Guide for CCH1 & 2 be helpful? post 1941)

Before CCH 2: Alright, I’m gonna do one playthrough for each school!

After CCH 2:







You’re cool!


AND FUCK YOU! I’m out!


dials number Hey, Lady Ash! Heard you had a free spot on your team?


Does anyone know the code to get out Wyvern cage?

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I remember in the old public beta there was an option albeit non selectable to spend time with the Hedonist before facing off the Manipulator, was that written out? Because I didn’t see it :frowning:


Just finished, loved it but I’m a little sad that I didn’t get my powers unlocked yet. Well looks like it’s going to be an 11th hour superpower.
Also mind if I make a pool for which option for suit/powers/tactics people made @Eric_Moser ?

Congrats, Eric! I’m downloading my copy now. :slight_smile:


I absolutely loved it! I went with the tactician path and did my best do whatever I had to do to protect my Speck Family.

I think I’m gonna replay CCH1 just so I can set up the right kind of hero for a Power path though. I’m really curious to see how that turns out.

@Harroc, I almost hesitate to ask your opinion of…Quickie?

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@Rinnegato, when you say four groups, you are including the lovable Speck kids?? How rude!

@No_This_Is_Patrick, if you really want me to tell you, I will. But as someone else said, if you remember the number of beeps, that is what Quickie needs to know

@Morphine, I don’t remember that offhand…it was probably a choice I had written with no actual scenes behind it yet. It was probably cut on the chopping room floor…or is that chopped on the cutting room floor? Hmm.

@Natman1025, Part 3 will likely be pretty huge. I hope to give MCs several chances to use their new gifts…whatever they end up being. And if you want to make a poll, go ahead! I don’t mind at all.


Hoi I asked earlier on the blog post, is there nowhere of initiating a relationship or at least a hook up with Hedonist? Especially since he just got beyond the creepy zone and entered cool zone this time


Welp. I’m already anxious for the next one. Huzzah for an amazing series, btw! It’s been awesome so far!

Really liked it, and very appreciative of the final fight for those of us Captain America soldiers, as as us Stoic fans. One small bug (?) I noticed was when the game asks what you like about Stoic, picking “bluntness” results in the same thing as if you picked “calmness”.

So, I bought this on Steam, and it doesn’t show any of my saves from the first ones. Just wondering if anyone has any idea how to fix that…

Lol I was kinda wondering this as well :smiley: Although I must say, Crook’s romance _whew ‘_fans self’ I actually really liked it but I kept looking out for options for the Hedonist because…I don’t know I just want him :smile:


Yes I would still like to know I really hate Quickie don’t want to do anything with him.

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Any one else having a problem loading a save. I can’t get mine from part 1

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You just need to enter the number of digits in the code, so type four or type 4 into the text box.


Hero method poll

  • Superpowers
  • Tactics
  • Super suit

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I’m using IOS and I’m unable to access my saves from the first game. I had 5 or so saves so it’s not because I didn’t save. Is there some way to get them or do I just start a new game in part 2?

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Heyo, I really enjoyed Part 2, I only played it once, I am about to do so again with another save, but with my first play through, I kinda had a small pet peeve.

At the end of CCH1 my mc was voted as the leader, and while majority of the scenes that involve leadership decisions reflect that, I saw a few like the final battle with The Manipulator, when Tress ran off, everyone unsure who was in charge, although I was already voted in as the leader and have been. Also, uh, you do know that in the relationships tab in the stats menu, it shows that Origami is alive right? Or something to that effect as it tracks your relationship growth with her.


Yeah, me too, he’s mainly the reason why I literally tripped over my own foot to buy the game haha I hope there will be something for him ;_;;