Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

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Dominic and Marcela both have plot armor for book two. In book three, no one has plot armor

Did you play with the two human parents route, do the memory ritual, and NOT capture Tremblay? It should appear in the epilogue

Hi! I’m pretty sure the only Amazon release will be on the omnibus, sorry! Have you tried contacting Hosted Games about the app not installing? Keeper of the Day and Night is also available online, on Steam, and on Google Play if you prefer to avoid the omnibus apps


Why is it only on the omnibus?

This was the best thing Ive played or read in a long time. You make each character feel more alive than any other “game” or book I think I’ve read. A million things I could praise. I am already impatient for the next book. I think you’ve officially made it as one of the best authors in the CoG/Hosted games group.


Lol. Witchy for the win. To be fair, my hunter MC had a bit of a slip up and attacked both people in the forest, and had to carry M out.

Will I have future opportunities to make akane accept my place in family hugs.


I’ve been getting error after Tremblay appears, no matter what I choose. Last night I had no problem even playing the whole game straight, but somehow I can’t get past Tremblay’s first appearance. Getting this popup saying

line 593: can’t fairAdd to non-percantile value: 103

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Nice. I’ve always suspected him.


To be honest at this point I kind of want to burn the city down


I’m incredibly annoyed at the lack of option to visit/torch castella’s house after the scene with cressida’s father showing up to warn her about the investigation


The read was incredible and i really like the developement of the Mc , especially the power, you really start to feel powerful and not a punching bag like in book 1, i do some RO path and they are all awesome for now and dear Delacroix never gets old #stopthekeeperdrama


Eyyyy I just finished my first walkthrough and hufff mah heart and ma soul cries out for Yakov~ :sob:, I still have many routes to try out but I can’t I’ll take a lil break then start a new one again later its a masterpiece U DID A GOOD JOB~ author :ok_hand::call_me_hand:


Do you need to romance the character you’re trying to learn the secret of?

Are there less majors to choose from in comparison to the demo?

No. Platonic friendships are an option, and for some you just need the right stats and dialogue choices. Other secrets are locked to specific species, and their are character specific secrets that you only learn as part of that characters sub plot.


No, I don’t think so. But the author said less majors meant more content for each one.

A great sequel, I just want to rant how dumb and stupid I am for siding with Dominic in the forest. Why is it that the game teased for Marcella to be a traitor and ended up that she wasn’t after all? What’s the point in all that?


Probably to make you doubt yourself and mislead you. Because if you knew that she wasn’t a traitor, then the choice at the end to side with Marcela or Dominic wouldn’t have had the same pressure or impact. It’s kind of like when detective novels give hints at a character that make them seem suspicious when in reality they aren’t guilty at all, just to make the reader second-guess themselves.


What do I have to do to get the option to be able to kill either Marcela or Dominic?

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Have high Cruelty. It doesn’t work out anyways

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I don’t know that this was especially purposeful, but I felt like Dominic showed up pretty constantly after you get your in-game warnings about Marcela. Especially the ‘traitor card’ pull that Marcela gets but Dominic walks in during.


Damn. I always did like the first game quite a bit, found all roughness to be pretty easy to look past. But this? Damn. Daaaaaaamn new favorite Hosted Game/Choice of Game. I think I might still like the setting of other games more, but the writing in this one just struck that perfect chord with me. I don’t think there has been a better game about making it feel like this is really my character.

I got a scene about my suitemates holding an intervention over my failing sanity and emotional instability and I just rip into all of them in list form over why they’re hypocrites. I couldn’t stop cackling with dark glee because I really felt like “yup, that would be me in this situation.”

I’ll be singing the praises of this game everywhere I can, and going back and playing it many times (which I honestly don’t often do for most HG/CoGs). Gotta go for higher angst, lower angst, not being such a trash Keeper.

Absolutely in awe of this game.