Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

Imagine if much-feared Public Enemy No. One is TallyHo!MC, won’t that be ghastly?


True, but it might not be a fit for all size situation since my Tally Ho Mc despite being a very calming, soothing servant with a silver tongue they have a very surprising start as a boxer first !


Knowing how petty and jealous Fitzie can get I’m not too surprised by this XD I hope in this game epilogue we can have a some sort of meeting with the previous MC offscreen with Fitzie and starling around. That’s bound to be comedy gold. Especially for the previous MC to succeed with romancing their employers (Rory, Frankincense, both) or those who decided that they don’t want to be a servant for the rest of their lives.

A former servant who had vowed to protect their employer is now endangering the public. That’s such a ghastly, disturbing idea ! It’s so … vile, disgusting and a cruel twist of fate… AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! That would definitely boost Fitzie’s ego for sure :grin:

Also, regarding Fitzie … does anyone notice how dissonant their backstory is… they said that they were an orphan if you decided to go to get the pearl but if you asked them about their family in the start of chapter 2 they said that they were the middle child and they had a lot of siblings…


Fitzie always told me she is orphan from ireland😶

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Wait wha- :zipper_mouth_face::grimacing:

That’s interesting :thinking: with my first MC (I’m just going to call her Charlotte to make it simpler) whenever they tried to strike a conversation with Fitzie they almost always say that that they have a family back in Ireland but they left and said that it’s probably less noisy without them and they’ll surely won’t miss them… ( at least that’s how I interpret it) while with my two MC ( Gladdy and V ) who went on the hotel they’re given the exact same thing as your MC did. I found it even more confusing since I did another play through with Gladdy where they confessed that their family is still in Ireland AND told them that they were orphaned…

I don’t know if this is just writing mistakes or bugs but it still rouses my suspicion ( still love Fitzie though :hugs:)


Didn’t you guys learn anything from Val? :stuck_out_tongue: Every time someone in this series mentions leaving behind their large family to go into service it turns out to be a lie. Did Fitzie tell you about how they were expected to take over the candy store, too? :joy:

Disclaimer: I’m just joking, I have no privileged information to suggest we shouldn’t trust Fitzie… :kissing: And there is probably no candy store, sadly enough.


True :rofl: but in THAT case we shouldn’t even call them by their real name Gus. And plus, it only has happened once. Fitzie can be lying but for all we know it’s not what we think. Also, I think it can be applicable to our previous MC too since besides their hobby their background aren’t really shown too


The most important question of all: in this piece of work is Scone pronounced to rhyme with “gone” or with “stone”?


I am not taking sides between Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood! You may as well ask me to choose between my children.


I always thought Fitzie’s biological parents were dead, and they were in the orphanage for X number of years until their current family adopted them. Maybe I misinterpreted it??? So Fitzie was simply lying??? I’m so confused :woman_facepalming:t2:


That can be the case though ! I did say that Fitzie can be lying not actually lying. We still don’t know enough of Fitzie’s backstory to form something cohesive. Regarding the orphanage and family part While you make a good hypothesis it can also be the opposite. Fitzie may came from a family but they ran away from home to an orphanage where they stayed there for x amount of years before leaving to go to service. Sorry for the confusion tho :sweat_smile: (Anyway this is still just a working theory not hard facts and all can change in the prequels)


I guess it’s safe to assume that Fitzie wouldn’t simply tell their backstory to someone they barely know. At least the impression Fitzie gave me was of a person that doesn’t trust easily idk


Fitzie lies about having a family because they wouldn’t hire someone of poor background, when you ask about their past and they lie about their family, If your mc has certain stats they can point the flaws on Fitzie’s story and then they confess being an orphan, something that’s also confessed if you help them recover their pearl


Ooh… THAT’S what it’s all about. I feel dumb now :sweat_smile: (hmm… how do we point it out then :thinking:)


I believe you need observe >25 during the little question and answer session with Fitzie after breakfast! You should have extra text noting how tense and off Fitzie is. Afterward, you should be able to select “I wonder aloud whether he/she has anything more to add to the portrait of him/herself that he/she has painted for me.”, and then he should confess! I hope that helps!

Also… Hooray! Progress thread! Wishing you lots of inspiration and easy word flow, Gower!


Ooh… I actually have that choice but I always thought of it as them painting a picture of themselves NOT talking about themselves. Well, this is very silly of me :sweat_smile:. Thanks for answering my somewhat dumb question :blush::sweat_smile:


Today is a good example of the way writing progress works, and why day-to-day word counts are meaningless numbers and possibly harmful to your writing morale.

For the last two days I managed to steal a bit of time in the morning, and I wrote nearly 6000 words, including a scene with Fitzie I was really happy with, a game of darts, and an argument about a chair. So, you know, my usual fare.

But for nearly a month, I’ve started to hate the first choice of ch. 1, and I’ve decided to axe it and redo it. That is going to remove perhaps 3500 words, so my daily “progress” is negative. That could be devastating to the morale of someone who says “I’m going to write X words per day” as I often see people do. But that happens to me all the time.

When I first wrote Tally Ho, it took me until chapter six to get Valentine’s voice right, and when I finally figured it out, I had to go back rewrite their scenes. In Cakes and Ale, I changed my mind completely about how Vyv’s personality was going to work while I was in chapter four, and I had to rewrite chapters two and three. I wrote a whole vignette in Cakes and Ale, in the hotel heist in chapter three with Fitzie where you have a long argument with the hotel manager which I cut because I eventually realized the scene was long enough. I also cut a scene in chapter eight with one of your sponsors, even though it was long and I really liked it plotwise, because I had the nagging feeling that it wasn’t quite funny enough. And so on.

So that’s why, for me, I don’t really give much credence to daily wordcount–reporting big numbers is fun, but I also know cutting is at least as important as writing, and hitting the end of the chapter is only hitting the end of the first draft of the chapter.

I’m about halfway through chapter one now. I have some fixing to do on the very beginning of the chapter, some “common path” exposition, then four big adventures to write, each of which will take me 1-2 weeks to write, I think.

I’m enjoying writing this so much.


Ooh… thank you for the commentary on your writing. It’s really fascinating and it gives me more love for the world you’ve created for us. Also, is there a way for MC to start the romance at the second book? As much as I love Fitzie, I also hope there’s an option for a slow burn romance between my MC and Fitzie. But, personality wise I don’t think they’ve realized their feelings for Fitzie in book 1 and I find it out of character for her to pursue her so quickly :sweat_smile:


Yes, definitely. My current plans are to allow the player the opportunity to lock in a romance towards the end of Game 2 (if you choose to lock in a romance with Gilberto, Vyv, Fitzie, or Tabby), or to allow you to start a romance with one of the other three characters I am considering for a romance story. There are also two possible poly paths that I’m laying groundwork for. Let me caution you that I haven’t fully committed to the other three character romance arcs or the precise nature of the poly paths, because when I do a romance path, I like lots and lots and lots of individual scenes with that character, and adding more romantic options will vastly increase the writing. So I’m not quite sure how I want to do it. I’ll figure it out as I go, no doubt.

But yes, in answer to your question–your options will be open until the end of the second book–at which point I will pin you down and make you choose.


This is all hypothetical, of course, buuut… can we get some hints at least about the potential 3 new romances? :eyes: