Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion

It has been a long time since I read the code, but I…think the only way to get the romance with Frankincense is by having 66 rep or higher after the gazebo scene in scene six. Have you done that scene, by any chance?

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You can romance Frankincense pretty easily, I think. Having a good (sometimes too good) prior relationship helps, as does staying away from the Inner Circle to spend time with them during the hunt.

I think one of the things you have to do, though, is not helping Regina or Mopsie im the chapter where the MC pretends to be Light-Fingered Lou. Incidentally, that’s also something you need to do in the Valentine romance. Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t seem to remember how my MC end up with Frank. In my first playthrough, my MC ended up with both Rory and Frank.

IIRC, you have to spend most of your time where Frank is at while doing your part with the break up between Frank and Rory.

I have but she was only interested in getting my help to free the peacocks. :smile: I’ll try it again sometime and see if making different choices helps.

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I know that this comment may be out of place and I hope you forgive me if it is poorly formulated since I am Spanish speaking, but I wanted to say for some time that I loved this game / book? and I look forward to a sequel or something related



Thank you so much! I couldn’t be happier to hear that. What’s your servant like?

As far as a sequel, I am hard at work on something like that, which you can read about here, and which just this week passed the word count for Tally Ho.


wow … I’m impressed. I will look forward to reading your most recent work
I will also have to save a little … I can swear I hear my wallet crying

Greetings and very good luck.


In order to be with Frank you have to be frank with Frank.


But don’t tell Frank you eat franks.


Franki was an interesting character, pretty much all of the characters were interesting, but the offered poly triad with Rory, was definitely very different. Not being bi my character wasn’t interested in a physical relationship with Rory as well, but was sufficiently dedicated to Rory that he felt really bad about being responsible for Franki rejecting Rory for himself.

I like how different all of the ROs were in Tally Ho! ((Cough cough but Gus will remain my favourite, he))


I’m so glad you enjoyed Gus. So many people didn’t go down that romance path, but it’s a real favorite of mine, and it was loads of fun to write.

I spent today working on a romance scene for Cakes and Ale. I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is highly erotically charged and involves someone writing the word “litigation” on your bare back with a fountain pen.


you should Blur that! for the fragile mind filled with wild imagination…

there goes my sleeep…:sweat_smile:

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Especially the scene on the farris wheel in which Gus and the protagonist discuss movies and their endings was really memorable. I was wondering: Does your preference of romantic-lovey-dovey endings/ comedic endings/ adventurous endings/ sad endings which you can express influence Gus’ behaviour towards you? Or where any differences in the endings “with him/her” unrelated to this?

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Wait a- I played Tally Ho a bunch of times and I don’t remember the game having any romance with someone named Gus. All the ROs are Rory, Valentine, Haze and Frank, aren’t they?

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Gus/Gertie Porpey is Valentine’s real name.

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Ah, I didn`t know Valentine’s name changed when their gender also changed. I guess it makes sense now, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

Speaking of that, “Gertie Porpey” sounds to me like what a British person would imagine an American name to be like.


When in fact it is what an American (me) imagines what a British person would imagine an American name to be like.


Hello, I’m big fan of your work. I’ve played Tally Ho a number of times and still laugh out loud at some of the scenes and discover new things. One thing, though: I have never gotten an ending where Rory and Frankincense remain engaged. I’ve tried to smooth things over, get them to fall in love, etc. and it just doesn’t work. I’m currently trying to achieve the poly ending. Any advice?


Haze was my first RO but around the midway point she started acting eerily like a certain bad influence in my past and so I immediately leaped away from her with all the grace and alacrity of a ballet dancer.

That isn’t to say I think Haze was a bad character. She was (in my own interpretation and opinion) a remarkably lifelike depiction of Bipolar II and I applaud @Gower for it. She is a bit meta, though.

Valentine was my second love and I never looked back. She’s extremely delightful.