Tally Ho — Only a perfect servant can solve a perfect mess!

We’re proud to announce that Tally Ho, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 16% off until December 21st!

Only a perfect servant can solve a perfect mess! Being the perfect gentleman’s gentleman or lady’s lady doesn’t make you an angel. Can you untangle your employer’s knottiest problems with elegance and unruffled grace? As the valet or lady’s maid of Rory Wintermint, you’ll go head to head with recalcitrant aunts, light-handed houseguests, manage a fox hunt and corral exotic birds!

Tally Ho is a 600,000 word interactive comedy of manners by Kreg Segall, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

It’s England between the wars, and the 1920s are roaring! When your employer, a proper young gentleman or lady named Rory Wintermint is summoned to their aunt Primrose’s country house Ritornello for a weekend, it’s up to you to make everything run smoothly…or not! Glide gracefully behind the scenes to arrange everything from the flowers to their love life, or leave Rory to their own devices as you pursue crime, adventure, and romance! Will you lie, cheat, and steal to ensure your employer’s happiness, or will you insist upon personal integrity?

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi, and even poly.
• Help Rory sort out their love life, or sabotage it utterly.
• Solve the case of a mysterious sneak-thief–or join them on a crime spree.
• Aid spies, evade the law, calm flighty flappers, and unruffle Aunt Primrose.
• Win an Exotic Animal Show and a boat race fairly, or cheat!
• Dance the lindy hop, or a graceful waltz—or just tut disapprovingly.
• Ride trains, motorcycles, zip-lines, bicycles, horses, and rusty jalopies!
• Jazz it up in the Jazz Age, or remain aloof and cool as a cucumber.

You’ll be swinging from the chandeliers or serving the canapes in this madcap, but altogether elegant comedy.

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Can you poison people and then frame some poor innocent soul to further your own rotten agendas?


After playing through a bit of the demo, I’ve absolutely been taken for a ride by the brisk, mildly absurd and unceasingly sarcastic setting. Well done, @Gower!


Yeah, this was extraordinarily well done. Usually I’m not into comedic and light-hearted works, they’re just not typically my personal genre, but this had me reading rapt with interest. I think you’re a true master at dialogue and the characters were all novel, unique, and managed to fit the tone/setting without coming off as cartoonish. The situations were all quite playful and enjoyable too.

Really, really well done and a big congratulations on producing two quality games!

(Btw, I never thought a character coming from a more comical style game would be one of my favorites from any media, but Haze is truly a wonderful treasure and already holds a special place in my heart. Simply inspired.)


Should have been imagine!

This was absolutely lovely and adorable. I had a smile the whole time I played. I think this is one og the best games of the year.

Also, I LOVE Haze and can’t imagine romancing anyone else.


I say! Blimey! This is excellent work, what! Extremely bracing for the literary mind, indeed.

Nevertheless, I remain skeptical of the author’s overall methodology. looks away innocently

I should report that my butler has somehow managed to engage in rather close liaisons with almost every available member of the female persuasion, yet has miraculously managed to:

  • keep his professional reputation intact, nay sparkling;
  • declared, and have accepted, an intimate relationship with his employer (arguably the most scandalous of all the relationships he could possibly have chosen);
  • despite his rather juicy history, have secured and accepted an invitation to a certain secret society (and thus opening a door to another possible opportunity for passion and scandal with his partner).

Miss Fifi Buttercup would have a field day, if she but knew of this.


I love this game so much. The story is good, the character is mesmerizing, my favorite is Rory. There’s so many way i could end the game and i’ve determined to get all the endings!! (Also i really like the easter egg and puns when we choose our yak’s name)


Yak or boat? I loved that part too, I had to see all the names.
I loved the game, it was very funny. Played three times already and will continue of course


“Bold is a measure of both your physical derring-do and your ability to act in a vigorous manner. It would include both leaping from high places and interrupting the prime minister.”

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: congrats To Author got me on the floor within first 5 minutes.

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So far I have only read through the demo, but I feel like there’s a 90% chance I will be purchasing this one. Every thing about this story has been impressive to me. My only concern is how some of the stats sounded too much alike. Made it confusing for me which stat would be used.

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Will probably pick up the title by this weekend :)) is it too early to ask who the RO’s are

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After having my valet grab a glass of champagne and reply to the outraged man he’s stolen from with what amounts to, “Yeah, so?” I’ve decided I love this game and could not have bought it fast enough.

so far i only know Rory (male/female) – our employer–, Frankincense --our employer’s fiance (opposite gender of Rory), and Haze (male/female) – one of the guest–… and it’s quite possible Valentine --valet or lady’s maid to be-- also an RO (coz we will be abe to choose their gender)


Loved the demo.

Name: Penny Alfredworth

Your Sundry Skills
Bold: 43%
Culture: 29%
Intellect: 43%
Observe: 25%
Persuade: 54%
Skullduggery: 29%
Soothing: 54% Abrasive: 46%

Your Reputation
Renown: 39%
Tranquility: 40%
Suspicion: 9%
Invitation: 42%

Rory: 75%
Frankincense: 37%
Aunt Primrose: 62%
Col. Firesnuff: 30%
Regina: 32%

Ready Monies: 65


Anyone know how to capture Light fingered Lou? I somehow did it once but I don’t remeber what my stats are.

I’m playing as a persuasive intellectual.

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I’m still laughing about the names of the boats.
This game is hilarious and fun to play XD
I’m enjoying it.

Though I am surprised by this:

Since my character never showed romantic interest in her and I am sad that the second option is grayed out, why?

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This should’ve been one of the default names :smile:


oooh I was wondering if there was a way to do a poly relationship with the two of them! I’ll definitely be doing that playthrough next, then

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Found another one. Should be Figaro :slight_smile:

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