Favourite Male ROs

Defs not as “messed up” as Hyuga protag. I, the Forgotten One I feel draws a lot of inspiration from WWI/WWII anti-war sentiment, your protagonist’s PTSD being from witnessing all the sickness, death, and gore that comes with being on the warfront at a young age. SoH I feel goes a little OTT with the disturbing content at the point where it’s like, is this book just trying to be edgy for the sake of it? While in comparison, I, the Forgotten One, while gritty, is more rooted in reality, showing the real impact war can have on soldiers.

A big reason why I like the romance so much is because the romance routes are both affected by and go on to affect the story/characters, instead of existing in a vacuum which seems to be the norm for a lot of books. The M/M route, for example, has the characters react to the fact that homophobia exists in-universe and act accordingly; any developing romance can impact your MC’s character development; etc.

God. I’m off to replay for a third time and make the exact same decisions I made in both my past replays, LOL


Honestly, as much as I enjoy characters when I am playing a game, I have a horrible memory and forget about them a week later lol. So despite having played hundreds of WIPs on CoG and itch.io, I can’t remember most of my favourites but I’ll try to list the ones I can think of.



Charlie from The Ballad of Devil’s Creek. He’s your best friend who has a cool eyepatch and waistcoat, need I say more?

Hades from Fields of Asphodel. For someone who is as equally(?) powerful as Zeus and is technically your husband, he is surprisingly sweet and so incredibly thoughtful. I can’t believe no one had snatched him up before our character came along.

Commander Kell from In Stasis and In Space. He’s a super tall alien with red eyes and cares about you more than anyone else, what’s not to love?

Kent from Mind Blind. He’s a grumpy but secretly soft dog dad, surely it’s required by law to love him right?

Lestrade from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Another grump who is secretly soft hearted, who even if you pick rude options and etc will absolutely make sure you are comfortable and well.

Eoin from The Abyssal. I know we haven’t actually got to meet him yet but I just know that I’m going to love him.

Otome Games, Visual Novels and ETC:


Toru from Seiyuu Danshi. A quick warning if anyone decides to check it out, it’s a 18+ yaoi game that I very much enjoy but it is filled with cliché situations and mild cringe but back to my boy Toru. He is adorable and extremely obsessed with your player character, not in a ‘yandere’ kind of way but like he has a resting bitch face but will blush and internally die if you hug him and would be more happy to receive a old sweater of yours than a brand new and expensive gift and etc. He definitely is not going to be for everybody but I just love him so much.

Quest from Blooming Panic. It’s a game centred around discord and Quest is a moderator on the fan server that your character joins and I honestly don’t know how to describe him lol. He’s a little bit of a nerd, little bit of a bad boy, a little shy and a little confident and so on but honestly, he’s just so endearing and I somewhat regret romancing him first as he ruined the other characters for me. Blooming Panic is free and I highly recommend you all check it out, it’s worth it.

Cove from Our Life: Beginnings & Always. I supported the game on Kickstarter and so I obviously expected to like the game but more than that, I really connected to Cove. He’s one of the very few realistic feeling characters I’ve encountered, he doesn’t always say the right thing or react in the ‘correct’ way but I know him and I want him to be happy. He’s another character I don’t really know how to explain but love anyways haha.

Caine from Tailor Tales. He has so many qualities that I dislike, he’s short, rude, makes assumptions and is incredibly petty but his storyline is the strongest and most realistic in Tailor Tales, so far. I don’t know if this counts as spoilers but just know he has various reasons for acting the way he does, he has a ‘girly’ hobby, he’s short, he has been bullied for most of his life and he’s currently depressed. Despite it sounding like I hate him, I genuinely enjoyed his romance and while I don’t approve of his choices nor do I forgive some of them, he another character that I just want happiness for.

Ezra/Elle from Scout: An Apocalypse Story. He is gender flippable but I figured it counts since I’ve only played him as male but he is your ‘best friend’ archetype who is observant, protective and a little cold to others but sweet to you. I didn’t expect to like him so much but while he does still have the same qualities as other RO’s of the ‘best friend’ archetype, he different in the sense that he doesn’t need our character but wants them instead, if that makes sense. I often dislike that archetype because of how often they are needy human beings and that I just feel pity for instead of wanting to date them and Ezra is not like that at all.


Marco in Blood Moon is currently one of my favourites right now, he’s just so sweet and casual and a little bit self deprecating (he needs to stop calling himself stupid) I just love everything about him.


One of my absolute all-time favourites :heart_eyes: I never hear anyone talk about him (or the game at all), but it’s in my top five interactive fiction games :kissing: the different reactions that the ROs show (especially Eden) depending on the personality of the player are amazing! Though I did find the stats a bit confusing at first, the writing is so good that it didn’t matter much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m incredibly fond of Oscar in particular from Asteroid Run, and I love Vega from Choice of the Deathless. Finch from A Study in Steampunk is of course wonderful, as is Nick from Curse of the Black Cat.

edit: oh! Victor as well from Asteroid Run… my headcanon from one of my playthroughs was that me, Shiori and him would end up in a polyamorous relationship :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Holy cow, yes!! It’s clearly been too long since I played that one. Vega is wonderful. Being a power couple with him is A+!

I agree, it’s one of my favorites too! And it doesn’t get talked about much but it’s so good. I hope she’s still working on another one.

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It seems we have similar tastes in VNs and ROs in general, as I’m a huge fan of most of the VNs you listed, and man Ran and Zillah are just… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And well, Demonheart is one of the most awesome western VNs, in my opinion.

Funny how to me, the MC of Fallen Hero hit me harder than the one from Samurai of Hyuga, as far as what I consider to be “extreme”. Other than that, both touch me in the same way. I think it’s because the MC of Samurai of Hyuga can still be one of the “good guys”, while the one from Fallen Hero is on a forced “villain” path. Shows how people react differently to things.

I agree with that one. Not “my type” of RO, but I still love him, even if I shouldn’t, considering my usual favorites.

To answer again to the OP, but about VNs though…
I won’t suggest more visual novels than what has been suggested though, cause most of the VNs I play would not necessarily be to the tastes of most people here, and seeing how Samurai of Hyuga is too much for you, I’m more or less certain that our tastes wouldn’t be the same.
I tend to prefer “harsh” stories and messed up characters, and I love most “archetypes” a lot of folks on the forums here don’t like so yeah…

Well, okay, I WILL suggest ONE game, because it’s my favorite indie visual novel…
Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones
This is to me a perfect game and I love Rama beyond words. Rarely have I loved a character as much as I love him. Buuuut I don’t think you’ll like that one. You may like one of the two other love interests though!


Hold on, she is/was working on another game?! :scream: Do you remember what it was called or what it was about? I’m so excited! :heart_eyes:

This is the only information I’ve seen about it and as far as I know, she hasn’t said anything further. But a paranormal romance set in 1990s NYC sounds pretty awesome.

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Ohh, thank you! Though I love a historical setting, this could probably be great too! I really like how she writes and how she wrote her characters, so I’m sure I’ll love this too :blush:

For me the best male ro is Lamuel from evertree inn. His insecurities, fears and his beliefs are so damn real. The other male ro are
Delacroix and Karson from creme de la creme
Fitzie from jolly good
Haze from tally ho
Yiska from tin star
Zhu from relics


Haze from Tally Ho and Yiska from Tin Star.

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I absolutely love this game play it a few times each day. Had to create account just to say.

In no particular order, including gender swappable ROs:


Forever sad Blade is a female-only RO :sob:


I’m not into romance routes usually but…

Ortega from Fallen Hero - Not strictly a male RO but that’s what I’m used to in my playthroughs. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I love playing as a broken and bitter MC who just can’t open up to him and feels jealous of the Puppet and how it’s able to so easily win his affection. Bonus points for having the Puppet flirt with and manipulate him while the MC knows it’s wrong but only feels safe to connect with Ortega through the Puppet as a buffer.

For VNs, Trash from Aloners stands out to me.
The creator did a great job with building up his character as a loner and survivor who was still very upbeat and likeable and didn’t fit into that trope of someone who turns jaded from living through hard times.


Me @ Riel. I made a male character to play his route exclusively.



Just wanna clarify, the paid version is unfinished right? As in some chapters are incomplete?
Also, the paid version is can only available via Patreon and is only for Windows and not Mac? (I don’t have a Windows PC.)

Wanted to buy the paid version, but it doesn’t seem possible at this stage…

Oh, and thanks again for recommendations…I’m trying them now.

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The newest paths in the paid version are unfinished. James, Caine, Neil, and Dimitri’s routes are complete. I loved all but Dimitri (he’s not my cup of tea).

Right now, Celiana is jointly working on Gray and Aiden’s routes. From what I’ve gathered, she’s doing them both at the same time mostly because they are opposites of each other, with Aiden being extremely sub and Gray being more of a dom; though Gray’s preferences don’t really come into play and aren’t going to be obvious, Aiden’s is totally wrapped into the storyline and the MC will be seriously dominant with him.

I think to play the R-rated version of this game, you do need to be subscribed to her Patreon. Plus, I don’t think she has put all of the completed paths out yet. You can play on a MAC if you follow the instructions provided on itch.io for it (under her game). I am pretty sure you just have to give the game permissions to certain files/folders for it to work.

I definitely recommend it, and it’s actually worth paying for on Patreon. If you prefer to wait, she is in the process of coding it for Steam. When it will be available, I don’t know, but it will probably be a while.


I’m very VERY surprised no one has mentioned Breden from choice of Rebels yet. He’s definitely one of my favourites, if not my #1. Absolutely loved his mystery and charisma, and just how well developed he was. I might also have a thing for sweet talking blondes (looking at you Chat Noir :eyes:). In an already amazing game, he was definitely one of the highlights.

Other ROs I love include:

  • Felix, Mason, Adam from Wayhaven Chronicles (sorry Nate xD)
  • Dandy from Evertree Inn
  • Semryu from Way Walkers
  • Black Magic from Heroes Rise (this boi is my guilty pleasure)
  • The male ROs from Shepherds of Haven (It’s been a while since I played this but I remember liking most of them, especially Blade)
  • Lancelot and Arthur from Guinevere

These are all the ones I can remember atm but I’m sure I’m forgetting some xD