Royal Affairs Developer Diary

Welcome to the Developer Diary thread for my CoG project, Royal Affairs! This is a standalone game that takes place several years after Crème de la Crème, with a brand new player character. Here you can play a teaser section - around three quarters of the first chapter, with an average playthrough of around 11,000 words.

The plan: to host this thread for questions, discussions or feedback. Each week I’ll post updates about what I’m up to in the writing process. Each month I’ll post snippets about the world and characters of the game. This may involve mini games, short stories, playlists, mood boards and more!

The story so far: I started working on this game on 9th April 2020. Currently I’m coding Chapter 3, and the game is nearly 50K words. (For those interested in comparisons, this puts it squarely between Blood Money and Creme de la Creme in length terms.)

Royal Affairs Chapter 1 Demo (v1.2)

As the middle child of the Westerlind royal family you live a charmed, if sheltered, life. But with the royal family facing criticism for being out of touch with the lives of ordinary Westerlind people, it’s time for you to leave your gilded home and prepare to take on more royal duties! You’re headed to Archambault Academy, where you will study leadership, rhetoric, and politics and be moulded into the perfect royal scion … and, likely, with a perfect royal betrothal on the horizon.

Work hard, play hard, or both! When political upheaval starts to hit close to home, where will you stand? Will you be a shining example, or bring scandal to the royal family?

Playable Genders and Orientations

You can play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, pan, asexual, and/or aromantic.


Westerlin is a country with a staid, formal culture in the upper echelons of society. Currently only adult owners of property above a certain value can vote for Members of Parliament, cutting off democratic participation for most of the population. But change is stirring, with peaceful and not-so-peaceful activists working to bring voting rights to all adults.

Archambault Academy is an exclusive boarding school in the mountains of southern Westerlin. Attracting royalty, titled aristocrats, and those who have amassed enough money to send their children to such a place, this is where Westerlin’s future leaders are trained. They are expected to become academics, politicians, military leaders, thinkers – luminaries in high society.

Characters (Spoilers)

Your pet: a dog, horse, or bird of prey which comes with you to Archambault.

All Peer characters are can be befriended, romanced, or married. They are gender-flippable, and you can pick their genders as they are introduced, have them be randomised, or set them all to a single gender. There are two other major characters who are Gallatin students and will appear later: they are able to be befriended, romanced, or married.

My aim with this game is to provide rich interactions with the characters, whether romantic or non-romantic, as well as allowing asexual protagonists to have as fun romantic interactions as allosexual ones.

Of course, there are rivalries as well, and romances will not always go the way you planned…

Asher Garnett: your bodyguard, a traditional, eager to please person who thrives on duty, and whose family traditionally serve the Crown as guards. Asher is a year or two older than you, and you’ve known them since you were a young teenager

Lord/Lady/Noble Laurie Beaumont: intense, aloof, outrageously wealthy heir to a financial empire. Beaumont works very hard, and is popular among some of the Archambault staff, but the teachers sometimes don’t quite know what to make of them or how to handle them.

Honorable Dominique de Saint Martel: excitable, unthinking, and wants to be everyone’s friend and for everyone to get along. Dominique’s family is close to the royals, and you’ve known Dominique since you were children: you can have friendly, antagonistic, or romantic history with them.

Prince/Princess/Heir Javi of Zaledo: the younger sibling of Rosario, Javi is a sceptical, flamboyant royal who likes to think they are very worldly wise. They have a strong passion for the arts, and love to be the centre of attention. They want very little to do with you.

Multi-Romancing and Polyamory:
Some of the romanceable characters prefer monogamy. Some can be romanced in parallel (in some cases, the player’s metamours may be friendly, in others they may grudgingly put up with each other), or in a triad.

At the Royal Court
Queen Estell IV: your mother, who has strong expectations about how your life will be mapped out
Princess Josiane: your elder sister, who is anxious for the future of the royal family
Prince Oliver: your younger brother, who is at a rebellious mid-teen stage and starting to push boundaries
Lord Fabien de Cadaret: your mother’s university friend and Westerlind Seneschal, which involves diplomacy, negotiation, and a lot of scheduling


Pre-Demo Teasers
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Teaser 3
Teaser 4


Ah yes! I’ve been waiting eagerly for an announcement ever since you mentioned a secret project a while back. So excited to hear it’s more Westerlind intrigue! And this time as an actual princess instead of simply seducing a prince to become one in the off screen future. :smiley:

Will I bring scandal to the royal family? Most certainly!

Also, just read the character list. Asher sounds like my kind of romance. And as for Lord Beaumont, outrageously wealthy you say? :smirk:


Aaaah I’m so happy this is out in the open! It’s really great, y’all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Our MCs can be in-laws! Oh yes!

And enough time has passed that Rosario got to marry CdlC MC!


Yes!!! I just started Creme de la Creme for the first time last night and am devouring it, so this timing couldn’t be more impeccable! The characters all look amazing! :eyes: :star2:


Ooo, I really enjoyed Crème de la Crème, happy to see you can carry some choices over. Playing as royalty is a nice change of pace, time to be extravagant!


Small note, but I think “your Highness” should have ‘Your’ capitalized as well. It’s un-capitalized on the first page of Chapter 1, but I assume you might have used it other places as well

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Oh my goodness, Hannah, this is going to be awesome and I cannot wait to play it!


HECK YEAH! I’ve been waiting impatiently for this since I heared you were writing a sequel



Is there a possibility you can add a choice for an adrenaline junkie MC in the first choice … the thrill-seeking, adventurous mischief-maker?

I hope so, but understand if you can’t.


Eiwynn wants a chihuahua mc. Simple as that.


Speaking of choices, during the “you’ve mostly been the center of attention at social events [how do you feel about that?]” selection, I didn’t feel anything represented my MC. I wanted an option that was “I don’t like being the center of attention, so it worked fine for me” kind of thing. Currently the closest you can get is “I work best at the edges” which doesn’t really convey the same sentiment.

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Nooooo … my purse is too small for one of them … give me a Spitz to compete with and I’ll be happy.

ofc… my MC is going to take a Hawk… and she is going to insist on taking it in her classrooms with her :wink:


I am so happy for another installment in the Créme de la Créme world!!!


I think you’re right - I’m pretty sure I read a book at a formative age where the Your wasn’t capitalised and it stuck with me all these years! Good catch!

Hooray for scandal!

You’ve been a tremendous support and encouragement!

Yep yep! Rosario is very happy!

Ahh I’m so excited you’re playing! I hope you enjoy!

I had a lot of fun describing your super fancy suite!

Thank you hugely much. I so admire your work so that means a ton!

Aha! I reckon so :smile:

Thank you for mentioning that, that makes a lot of sense! I’ll see about making more of an introvert choice available. Those defining the MC kinds of choices are so important for making players feel immersed in their story!

AAHHHH oh my goodness, I love it.

@jakkie1 I’m so pleased! Thank you!

@Abe thank you, I’ll check that out! Was that the conversation with Beaumont about Gallatin during your science class?


Hey! If Eiwynn’s MC gets to have her hawk with her, mine needs to get to take his dog with him too. Otherwise you’re showing blatant favoritism to bird of prey players. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re like a machine! Time to ride the rollercoster of excitement again!


Aah it’s such a joy to be back in the CdlC universe! Loved the demo! Are the 4 ROs mentioned above the only ROs for the whole game?


@violet There are two more who you’ll meet in Chapter 2!


Oh, and if anyone’s interested in hearing my pronunciation approximation of “Archambault” and get an exclusive listen of my voice, check it out here!