Vote for “Tin Star” on Steam Greenlight

We’ve posted Tin Star on Steam Greenlight, where the community votes for games to be released on Steam.

We’re asking all of our fans to go to that page and click “Yes.” It’s completely free and it just takes a second.

Tin Star is an interactive western mystery novel by Allen Gies (author of Marine Raider, Apex Patrol, and Shadow Horror). It’s over 1.3 million words long, making it the biggest interactive novel ever made. A single playthrough from beginning to epilogue can run over 80,000 words.

We’ve published a number of popular games on Steam under our “Choice of Games” label, but this is the first time we’re trying to publish a game from our Hosted Games label on Steam. Tin Star was the obvious first choice, because you rated it the best Hosted Game of 2014.

We’re counting on you! Please vote for Tin Star on Steam Greenlight and invite your friends to do the same. (Just don’t be annoying about it.)


Okay, consider my vote in. I definitely hope it gets on there. If this is successful enough, there are a few other Hosted Games I’d love to share with people (Zombie Exodus comes to mind).


Wow, this is really exciting :slight_smile: I’ll definitely put a vote in.

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And after listening to the video, I now wish to get a small bit of that opening music to set the mood whenever I play Tin Star :slight_smile:

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Just voted and left a comment.

@Lys, I love the video’s music too. That would be wonderful if CoGs and HGs could all have a brief intro like that to really get the reader in the right frame of mind, but I know it would take up a lot more space on a device than the game itself.


Its nice project, but the game will be thousand times better if you add some graphics and sound effects. You know, this would be awsome game for Commadore computer, but nowdays if you didnt add the graphics and sound to your Visual Novel its just make people think that you lazy and dont wanna put some effort in you game development

A pox on all illiterates. :rage:

Still, at least most of the comments seem positive.


Yeah, Allen. Only 1.3 million words! Get back to work! :wink:


I’ve made a post about this on the HG Facebook page, so hopefully that’ll get us a few more positive votes.

I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s not chained to a computer cranking out games for COG is because he already works faster than humanly possible.


If need opening music, just go to youtube, I recommend listening to a Ennio Morricone playlist or the True Grit 2010 soundtrack (Your Headstrong Ways and River Crossing are amazing!) while playing. : )

Victory! Tin Star is Greenlit!


HOORAY! That’s absolutely awesome news! YAY!!!

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Choicescript games have reached a new milestone! Hooray!

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