New Hosted Game! “The Shadow Horror” by Allen Gies

Stranded by a breakdown, you explore a nearby abandonded house only to find that you are not alone. A creature not of this world lairs within the walls. As the sun goes down, so do your odds against the Shadow Horror.

The Shadow Horror is a 533,000-word interactive horror novel by Allen Gies, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Allen Gies is the author of Marine Raider, Apex Patrol, and Tin Star, the biggest interactive novel ever made.


Wow, 530k words… That is amazing, lots of replay value, I guess.


Wait, did I read that right? 533k words?
How does he manage to do it?


3 novels… in one game… and we’re being charged less than $5

And don’t forget that Tin Star was the longest interactive novel before this one and it’s also his.


What if I told you that he is actually a group of writers using only one name?

Edit: Just kidding, he is actually a wizard :wink:


Really? :open_mouth: That would explain how they make such big games so quickly.

I sense a conspiracy… :alien:

No relation to Arthur I hope? >_>

I wasnt even going to buy this as i dislike horror themed stories until i saw who the author was. Just bought it! hahaha

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I bought my copy on Android, rated it a 5, and shared it on Google+. Later today, I’ll make an announcement about it on the HG FB page. After I’ve finished, I’ll come back with my impressions, although, - judging from the length and the author - I’m sure it will be incredible.

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I tried buying the iPhone app but I kept getting bounced out.

Played it, loved it. A-MA-ZING. I Loved the game and the great writing styles. A must-play!

Okay, so I’ve finished my first play through. I’d like to say that the writing is good as always, I enjoy how much replay ability there is, and the whole concept was crazy and very interesting. However, I did feel like it was a bit too meandering. Still, it’s probably just not my thing, so I don’t think it’s anything you can “fix” unless you wanted to go through a ton of trouble to add content or something. Anyways, congratulations on the release!

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What does the message “(Narrative slightly increased.)” mean? It keeps popping up in the text.

It changes your ending (how you’re remembered, either as that guy who died or a horror film legend) but I’m not an expert.

Thanks. My feedback is grading on a curve – the author has clearly demonstrated his exceptional skill at writing these things. Having said that, the message makes no sense to me. I’d get rid of it. I haven’t even gone into the house yet – I keep doing the other routes and being told I’d made wise choices that got me happy endings – and each time the game resets it tells me my narrative is increased. It detracts from the story. It’s like going to a play and having the person behind you spend ten minutes slowly opening a crinkly cough drop wrapper.

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Ummmm, English please, preferably in layman’s terms with a straightforward analogy.

I was hoping you knew :slight_smile: