What Choice of Games/ Hosted Games interactive novels do you plan on getting during the winter Steam sale?


I took this time to buy both the VERSUS novels, and I was wondering what others bought or may buy this sale? If you are wondering what are good interactive novels just check out my other Topic: What were your favorite Choice of Games and Hosted novels (so far) this year?

What were your favorite Choice of Games and Hosted novels (so far) this year?

I really dont buy from Steam, however i do get my games off of Google Play.


Same I don’t buy COG games from Steam. Don’t know why, but I just can’t play COG on anything but my phone. I get distracted easily on my PC


I bought Choice of the Pirate, Hollywood Visionary, Tin Star, and Choice by Gaslight.

I’m considering a few more. I’m really intimidated by the Infinity games.


The infinity games are fun you should give them a try if you haven’t already.


I recommend you a lot Sabres and Guns and Zombie Exodus . And first part of ZE safe haven. Both are great examples of good quality written and good gameplay… And yes is a far from subtle reference to your last game stats lol :wink: . Hey you got already good writing just need make a good gameplay stats experience.


I’ll probably start with Infinity; I am not in love with super serious games–that’s my hesitation–and I often downright dislike games about war and horror, but I will pick up the Zombie games at some point to check them out.


I am not a zombie games fan either. But here focus is characters and take a realistic approach. Sables and Guns have so immersive story and lore that I forgot I have to be a guy and a soldier. When I always want to be a evil ruthless charismatic woman.


I didn’t buy any, because I already buy them the moment they come on Steam…