What were your favorite Choice of Games and Hosted novels (so far) this year?


There as been many good Choice of Games and Hosted Games novels this year, but which one is your favorite (so far)?

EDIT: If you bought one or thinking about buying one this steam sale, check out what others are doing here: What Choice of Games/ Hosted Games interactive novels do you plan on getting during the winter Steam sale?

What's the best Choice of Game and Hosted Game in 2016?

My favorite is Empyrean,
tho The Hero Project: Redemption Season is a close second


The two I played from this year’s list (so far) were Cannonfire Concerto and Choice of Alexandria.

I loved both of them so much.

This reminds me to go buy a lot of CoG while the Steam sale is going on!

(I edited the title so it’s clear this is about Choice Of and Hosted rather than plain ol’ novels.)


The new Heroes Fall and Samurai of Hyuga book 2.


Guns of Infinity
Lost Heir 2
Versus: Elite Trials
Samurai of Hyuga 2


Lots of disappointments this year for me. My clear favourite would have to be Guns of Infinity.


I agree, I was very disappointed with Choice of Alexandria (I thought it would be Choice of Robots in Alexandria) and Hero Project: Redemption Season.
I learnes that even if the autor has already made a good game, it doesn’t mean the next one will be good.


A lot of awesome games but in my mind Guns of Infinity is the clear winner. Runners up Lost Heir 2 and Samurai of Hyuga 2

Edit: Would have drawn with Community College Hero but I checked release date on steam and it turns out it was released 2015


Zombie exodus save haven, Zobie exodus and Runt of the litter.


Lost Heir 2.
Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven.

…actually,that’s about it.Everything else was either mediocre or flat out shit.

Hell,here’s a list of the games that I found to be disappointing,cuz why not?

The Hero Project:Redemption Season.
Choice Of Alexandria.
Versus:The Elite Trials (this is technically an exception.I wouldn’t consider it poor in quality or anything like that.However,it just didn’t…click with me,unlike the first one)


Zombie exodus: safe haven and Versus: elite trial are pretty much fighting for the first place with me.


Where is Runt of the Litter I think I missed that one?


It hasn’t been released yet; I’m guessing the user was part of the beta test.


Ah thanks that explains it.


I thought Alexandria was decent, obviously nowhere near the heights of CoR, but I could still name worse games this year. It had a decent amount of choice, setting was good, and I like the way the author does stats. I just wish it was longer. What were your problems with it?


CoG: Empyrean (because it came out on my birthday, :yum:)
HG: Tie between Samurai of Hyuga 2 and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven.

And yeah, this year was…not so good. Even 2016 was not good for CoG.


The problem with Alexandria is that I had high hopes for it. Choice of Robots is one of the best games CoG has ever released, so I was expecting more than a “decent game”, I was expecting a memorable game like Choice of Robots.

This year was very weak for CoG in my opnion (I only really liked Versus), meanwhile It was a strong year for HoG (GoI, LH2, ZE:SH, SoH2 and others).
Thankfully the next year Cog will release good games like Cryptkeepers of Hallowford and Choice of Rebel.


I’d say my favorites were A Midsummer Night’s Choice and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, though in rather different ways. Well, one’s more comic and the other’s apocalyptic. They’re both good on interesting characters and immersion, however, and generally enjoyability.

My runner-up would be The Sea Eternal. Beautiful descriptions, interesting philosophy, deeply compelling. I just didn’t find it quite as grabbing from a story perspective. It does, however, feature squids, and that’s really all you need to tempt me.

There’s a lot of big names that I just haven’t read, though :thinking:


Samurai of Hyuga 2, definitely.

I haven’t played that many games this year since the plot often didn’t wake my interest, and many of those I do have played were certainly enjoyable, but didn’t really click with me - or just didn’t leave a lasting impression.
(Then again, I’m kinda struggling to figure out which games have been released this year and which ones are from 2015. Time is such a pesky thing.)

What Choice of Games/ Hosted Games interactive novels do you plan on getting during the winter Steam sale?

I just check when they were published on steam