What's the best Choice of Game and Hosted Game in 2016?


Mine is
Choice of Game: Choice of Alexandria
Hosted Game: The Lost Heir 2 and Gun of infinity


Well for the hosted games the choice is pretty obvious: The Lost Heir 2 or Guns of Infinity.
As for the Choice of Games, I found most of them either frustrating (curse you Empyrean).
So basically:
Best concept: Choice of Alexandria.
Best scenario: A Midsummer Night’s Choice
Best sequel: even if The Hero Project 2 is pretty good, Versus 2 is better in my opinion.
Out of the three however, I’d choose A Midsummer Night’s Choice because even if it’s concept is not the most original, I love the way it parodies theater.


Choice of Game: it was a bad year for CoG overall, but I really liked Versus 2: Elite Trials.
Hosted Game: it was the inverse for HoG, several good games like Samurai of Hyuga 2, Lost Heir 2 or Zombie Exodus: Safe Heaven, but the best for me would be Guns of Infinity.


Hosted Game: Lost Heir 2
And then CoG I liked Versus 2 a lot


Going with the majority and saying Lost Heir 2 and Versus 2.

I was a bit doubtful about Creatures Such As We at first, but then there were some very quotable moments. Not the best, but still a really good run. Loved the bit at the end.


In all honesty, one of my favorites from last year was Cannonfire Concerto. It was well-written and in general really enjoyable, and I didn’t really enjoy some of the other big names as much as I thought I was going to.

As for best Hosted Game, I would say either Guns of Infinity or Zombie Exodus. Both of those are great, with a lot of good and meaningful choices to make.


I had to check some dates because I’m assuming you are asking about the games that were released in 2016.

Note: I’m only picking from the games I have played AND finished at least once (but that’s like 80% of the releases so we good to go)

Choice of Games: my vote goes to Versus 2. (not surprising considering it’s one of my fav. sagas). Honorable mentions:
Sorcery is for Saps (because all hail Fergie aka Terror of Rodents and Mistress of the Universe)
Choice of Alexandria (I remember I replayed quite a lot)
A Midsummer Night’s Choice (it was so funny, I loved it).

Hosted Games: My fav. was Lost Heir 2 (duh! DUH!!)
Honorable mentions:
Samurai of Hyuga 2 (LOVE the writing but I do agree with the criticisms it got)
The 3Games (I feel this needs more love. The characters are like 95% pre-made but I adored them).
Doomsday in demand (just one of those games where MC becomes my fav character).


This sorta overlaps with this thread, doesn’t it? What were your favorite Choice of Games and Hosted novels (so far) this year?

This new thread does have the more accurate title now, though :thinking:

I’d say my favorites are still Midsummer Night’s Choice and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven as I said there, with Sea Eternal as a runner up. I should probably check out Canonfire Concerto, though… the premise intrigues me and it sounds well-liked…?

Now that the year’s over, might be worth doing a poll?


Hmmm…tough one. I’d say Evertree Inn , Guns of Infinity and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven would definitely be on my list for the Hosted Games. For choice of games I think I agree with @TSSL Midsummer Night’s Choice it is.

Now for 2017 I’m looking forward to the first official release of XoR and any of @ParrotWatcher’s superhero projects.
I’m also holding out, admittedly long-shot, hopes for the public resumption of Vendetta, the Myrmidon and the Choice of the Vampire sequel.


You can’t vote for Evertree Inn because it’s not from 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:.


Choice Of Games:Versus 2. I’ll admit, I wasn’t that big of a fan of the game when it first came out. However, after replaying it, I really started to like it. The characters are well written, the plot is interesting, and some of the shit you get to do (like creating your own fucking planet) is just damn awesome.

Hosted Games:Lost Heir 2 and Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven. I really can’t pick between the 2, so I’m throwing in both of them.