What were your favorite Choice of Games and Hosted novels (so far) this year?


I use the list of Choice Of and Hosted games “to be” published in 2016 pinned to the top of the Forum. I don’t know if it’s 100% accurate, but it jogged my memory about several published towards the beginning of the year.


I just paged through the Choice of Games blog, but that does sound easier :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I didn’t think of that. Just looked through it, but it doesn’t change my answer - only makes me realize that I’ve only played three or four games this year. O.o


You’ve got me beat–I only played two. But I’ve already decided that I’m going to play two games that are totally out of my usual interest/comfort zone just to challenge myself, genre-wise. I don’t know what they are yet, but this thread is helping me decide.


Samurai of Hyuga 2 was a bit disappointing, but mostly because 1 gave such high expectations… Still, the characterization + multiple ROs + plot made it easily one of the best for me.

Saga of the North Wind, Alexandria and Cannonfire Concerto were close contenders for me :’) any fellow historical lovers out here?


I will admit I got every achievement from Choice of Alexandria but I do wish it was a little longer. Beyond, that - I loved playing Zombie Exodus - safe haven as I was waiting patiently like everyone else for it to come out. I hope my game next year will be well received!


Safe Haven by FAR and as a runner up, I guess A Midsummer Night’s Choice.


Midsummer and Sea Eternal. I’ll pick up Cannonfire and Empyrean soon. :slight_smile:


Let’s see for COG I’m gonna go with: “Midsummer”, “Empyrean” and “Alexandria”.

As for Hosted Games the ones that really stood out for me were mostly sequels: “Hyuga 2”, “Lost Heir 2”, “Guns of Infinity” and of course “Safehaven”.

Lastly for 2017 I’m already looking forward to the first proper release of XoR and Evertree Inn and as always maintaining long-shot hopes for @Vendetta’s eponymous game and @Moreau’s the Myrmidon to be officially resumed.


How about Midsummer Night’s Choice? I’m sure that’s well outside your comfort zone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ehhh…it sounds ok. I guess.


So, my top five would be:

1 - Guns of Infinity (excellent game, I loved the first and this one was even better. Paul Wang is probably my favorite writer in CoG community)
2 - Versus: Elite Trials (perfectly written, excellent revelations, good plot, most interesting setting and great characters)
3 - Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven (I prefer the first one, I prefer the “novel” style over the “gaming” one. And I’m not that big fan of playing the games more than three times, but this one made me play again and again, so third place seems deserved)
4 - Magikiras (I enjoyed the WIP and couldn’t wait to buy the game/book when it came out. I liked it a lot. Good story, characters and setting. I recommend it to those who like the CoG more similar to novels than games).
5 - Lost Heir 2 (solid continuation of the previous game. Not my favorite series but undeniably good).

Honorable mentions (why not?): Choice of Pirate (could very well be placed in fifth place); Scarlet Sails; Doomsday on Demand; Vampire House (a solid entry that almost passed under my radar without detection); and Choice of Alexandria (was also a very good game. Very high replayability value and good story and characters. It suffered under the weight of its predecessor, Choice of Robots. Not close to its predecessor in quality but a good game nonetheless).


My favourite thing about Guns of infinity is that it still keeps up with the quality of sabres but still makes it original and interesting.


Definitely Saga of the North Wind, that game has so much replay-ability! I’ve played it three times now and I still haven’t gotten what I want.

Also Zombie Exodus. And I can’t help but put Versus: Elite Trials. I didn’t think about playing the two before until I saw the new one come out and so I gave the old one a try. Ugh, I’m so happy I did.


Ikr, I didn’t get Versus: The Lost Ones at first, but then I saw the Elite Trials and I decided to get both for the Steam Sale


I adore Cannonfire Concerto - it’s got a lovely vivid setting and plot.


This year has been good for Hosted Games, it seems. With more and more authors wanting to get their games published. I’ll admit, I didn’t buy as much CoG as last year, but these are some of my highlights:

Guns of Infinity, easily one of the most interesting, well thought games I’ve played this year. It introduced me to a whole new universe and a thread with some nice blokes.

Alexandria! I’ll agree it was shorter than Choice of Robots, but I still really liked it. It still shows that Kevin Gold is great when it comes to interesting places, engaging characters and interesting stat use. I’d say the best to enjoy it is to see for what it is, rather than wanting to play a sequel to CoR or something like that. It’s good and it plays by its strenghts.

And the second book of Samurai of Hyuga. Despite my complaints, it’s still a strong follow up to an interesting saga, and I look forward to see what comes next.


I’m one of the people who adored Redemption Season. I enjoyed the humour, the characters and the weird powers you got.

Cannonfire Concerto was also amazing. Just the idea of going on a solo music tour while the continent not-so-quietly collapses around you was great, and it’ll pulled off pretty well too.

And A Midsummer Night’s Choice was the most surreal thing I’ve played since Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The dreams blurring with reality theme really struck a chord with me.

Edit: Samurai and Zombie were also very good, but I’d rank these slightly higher. Special points to Samurai for making a board game more over the top that the Yu-Gi-Oh anime.