Is Vendetta longer than tin star?

I’m just curious, cuz a lot of people are referring Vendetta as much more complex than tin star. I just wanna know if this is true. And is it longer?

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I honestly cannot say anything about Vendetta since I heard very little about this. But what I do know of about Tin Star from playing it is that Tin Star has at least a million words in it, meaning there’s alot of differences and branching storylines. Right now, it’s probably the largest story that either CoG or Hosted Games has, however I am sure there will be a story or two that will be larger than Tin Star eventually in the future.


Hard to say for sure as Vendetta hasn’t been active in a while, but it certainly hadn’t reached a public release of anything near the length of Tin Star whilst he was still around. He advertises it as a ‘100k word demo’ on his profile, which falls way short of Tin Star.

It was a particularly complex game though, and I know he worked on a lot of parts that never made it into the public eye. Worth remembering that length and complexity don’t necessarily go hand in hand though.


What is Vendetta? Is it a WIP?

Yes, a WiP from 2014ish that got put on hold due to real life. @Vendetta was seen around last year some, with the release of @CJW’s latest CSIDE version but has not been seen in a while now.