Longest CoG or Hosted game

I was wondering what the longest game everyone has played and couldn’t find a thread like this. To me the longest ones have always been the best. So what does everyone think?

It’s undeniable that Tin Star is the longest HG (at like 1,200,000 words) and Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis is the longest CoG (at like 340,000 words)

Any other recommendations? Played both. Was gonna start a new thread but this popped up.

Not really looking for anything specific. Just something I can waste away my weekend on.

Zombie Exodus is really long if you buy the extra chapters

@Samuel_H_Young Tin Star is 1200,000 words long? I thought it looked pretty dull, but after hearing that, I might give it a shot.

Most of the CoGs look pretty boring in my opinion. Slammed! looks the worst. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but a TEXT BASED game about wrestling just seems like it really wouldn’t work.

@Ayzkalyn it is definitely worth it. There is a large range of choice and characters you can be. Conniving, Hero, or villain.

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Yeah, Tin Star is pretty good. I played the beta a bit back. While I enjoyed the game in beta, I never bought it when it went live. Which, when I think about it, is pretty crappy of me. Tin Star will probably be my next buy after I finish re-reading the Heroes trilogy.

@Doctor Yeah, played that. Great read.

Slammed! is quite long and pretty good as well. I’m not at all into wrestling and it was a great experience for me.

And yet it does. Really well. (: Have you given the demo a try?

Tastes vary, but I’ve not found many boring CoGs, and I think I’ve read most of them.

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