Tin Star General Discussion


We’re happy to announce that one of our bestselling Hosted Games, Tin Star, is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Buy it today for 40% off the regular price!

Tin Star is an interactive western mystery novel by Allen Gies (author of Marine Raider, Apex Patrol, and Shadow Horror). It’s over 1.3 million words long, making it the biggest interactive novel ever made. A single playthrough from beginning to epilogue can run over 80,000 words.

We’ve published a number of popular games on Steam under our “Choice of Games” label, but this is the first time we’re publishing a game from our Hosted Games label on Steam, and it’s the first time we’ve entered and completed the Steam Greenlight process. Tin Star was the obvious first choice, because you rated it the best Hosted Game of 2014.

We need your support to continue delivering our games on Steam. Our goal is to release our entire catalog of interactive novels on Steam. We’ll need to continue to deliver outstanding results to prove that interactive fiction can be successful on Steam.

We’re asking all of our fans to follow us on Steam. Even if you don’t use Steam that much, it will be a big help if you sign up to follow us there, because the more followers we get, the better visibility we get on Steam’s curator list. (Our goal is to hit 3,000 followers for our Steam curation page; we’re about 45% of the way there as I write this!)

When you follow us, you’ll see our games and our recommended games right on your Steam home page. It’s free, and it’s a big help to us, so follow us today!


Thank god. I was holding out on buying this so I could support it on steam, but the struggle was real. Good thing I checked for it on steam today.

I made an announcement about this on the HG FB page! This is exciting.

It is! It’s such good news. I’m hoping that it’ll mean some of the other Hosted Games are also released on Steam through Greenlight.


It’s really good fun to get back to those text RPG games.
I used to love them as a kid :slight_smile:

TIN STAR is awesome! Incidentally, it’s how I found out about Choice of Games. I found it on Steam. I’m a Western Horror author who is looking into building a text based Western game via these mechanics. TIN STAR hold some responsibility for that. I thank you. =)


It’s one of my favorites!.. I suggest these two westerns for you to try out.
Showdown at Willow Creek
The Ballads of Devil’s Creek(WIP)


There’s also Larkin (Vampire Western)