Interactive Fiction Merch?


So I am not sure where this topic goes or if it allowed in the first place (though I am not sure why it woudnt be) so bear with me, please…

There was a recent Teepublic sale (I am not affiliated with this site, i just buy rando fandom shirts from there) and i looked for a Wayhaven Chronicles shirt and didnt see any…which was weird because they have everything there!! It is basically a site where indie artists sell fandom shirts…as a customer, this is all I know about them * besides that they make really nice looking quality shirts * if you know that they are shady in any way, please post it and I will no longer buy from them.

Anyway…it made me think…why isnt there any IF merch here? I would totally purchase a Wayhaven or Evertree Inn or Vampire Masquerade shirt…and wearing it (in a non pandemic setting) is basically free advertising…has anyone thought of this? I am no artist, so I don’t know if/what they charge to sell designs but even if IF writers were to sell their own merch, I would def buy some for the stories I especially love…does anyone already do this? I can’t be the 1st person who has thought of this, has someone already tried and failed? Can I make my own fan shirt? (Not to sell, just for me, is that allowed?) Can anyone help?

Thanks! I clearly have too much pandemic time on my hands…but I do collect cool shirts sooo let me know!!!

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Well there’s this! for Community College Hero.

Also of note: Merch!



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pfff…the only shirt I would waste mouney on, would be a black T-shirt that say : Fallen Hero: Ortega is a dreamboat :heart:



I have a Redbubble store for Shepherds of Haven merch, and Patreon has a nifty feature that lets them fulfill physical merchandise as rewards for a tier. :slight_smile: Mine isn’t open to the public yet–currently just patrons, because there are still some designs in the works and on the way–but I can send you a link if you like!

I think the primary reason many authors aren’t doing merch is that IF is still niche enough that some games don’t seem to have big enough of fandoms to warrant merchandise: so many users still complain that HG and COG games aren’t free and review-bomb on that basis, so paying 20$ for a shirt when so many won’t pay 3-4$ for a game can seem unlikely! Also, if you’re not an artist, paying an artist for designs and commercial use to use as merchandise can be really expensive, so the profit-loss ratio could potentially be steep! I think it’s a great idea though, I’d love to buy more IF merch and spread the word!


I totally get not wanting to spend a bunch of money on products that you feel may not sell, and again…I have only purchased shirts from this site, I have never sold on there - but it sounds like you dont have to pre-purchase a bunch up front, that they can print/send your designs to folks who want to buy the merch… again, as a customer (not an artist/seller) I dont know if the percentage they take makes it worthwhile for the artists or not, but I really like the several tops I have gotten from here…hope this helps anyone who may want to sell merch!


Ah, yes, most sites don’t ask you to prepurchase the merchandise itself, it’s just that the cost of commissioning artists and graphic designers to make the designs for you in the first place can be expensive! :slight_smile: Fan designs are an interesting thing to tackle, as well!

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This part totally gets my goat. Especially when they accuse the author/company of being greedy and entitled. Oh, the irony!


LOL just imagining if CoG tried to merchandise new releases like AAA studios: For only US $199, get a limited edition Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale e-reader, preloaded with the full Majordomo equipment set and a recipe for a Double Hanky Panky with a twist! You know, I’d be tempted.