Being in an IF

AUTHORS put us in your stories! Patreon it…or make a contest…every one of us fans wants tk be in there even if you kill us…am i right yall!!!. We can give you physical descriptions and take a personality quiz… whatever just involve us!!! We will be fans forever!!! That is all.


I disagree


Aren’t we technically all in their stories by virtue of self-insert roleplaying? :thinking: Obviously it works better in some stories than others but still.


A ton of people already self-insert when they read, so there’s really no need to try to get readers in any more than that. :woman_shrugging:

Also, I don’t want token characters added in “just because.” I want them with substance and relevance. Also, perhaps the only place to “insert” a reader is in an undesired part. For instance, someone might take issue with being in the game as a black market dealer or [insert whatever unsavory character/characteristic you don’t like here].

I just think it’s a lot of work for an author when the reader can already put themselves in the game an the MC.


Ok. I totally understand you guys. Thanks for giving me perspective!

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Off the top of my head I can think of a few games/authors who have put fans in their games, to varying levels of involvement (on a scale of “just tell me what name to use” to “completely designing the character”)–some (I assume most) of it is just done at the author’s discretion but I know in the past the company has had authors auction off designing/naming NPCs in future games for charity. I think the most recent occurrence was in 2016


I went through the blog recently and yes, 2016 seems right. Don’t remember which games it was for.

If you mean like in contest cameos like they used to do to books and tv-shows, probably.

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I suppose I could see it being interesting, but auctioning off content for money seems like it would be something to run by staff, before adding it to your Patreon. Just to be on the safe side.

Maybe as minor side characters? I don’t personally self-insert in the majority of games (Grim&I being an exception. That one was a bit of a personal journey), so I can handle that disconnect. :woman_shrugging:


I fully agree, but the auction I was referring to was run by CoG proper


I was actually specifically referring to the mentions of Patreon and contests in the op :slight_smile:

Sorry for any confusion!


Dunno bout putting people in stories like that chief, since I personally am a sarcastic asshole, so depending on the story I was in I could quite easily ruin the flow. Same as if someone very happy and sweet were to be put into a grimdark story, probably confuse peeps a little.

If it was just having one sentence or background characters named after you though that would be fine.


I can imagine that it wouldn’t turn out well even if “we” would have just a brief appearance in the game. If someone or their OC would be put in a game bc they won a contest or something then that could be done well (just look at Sifer from ZE:SH and how upset people were when they found out that she can’t be saved), but if it’s something forced on the author then I can imagine that they wouldn’t be so passionate about writing the readers character than their own which they already have planned for their story.


You guys are right…it was a fleeting thought, though not very well thought out on my part. Thanks for your posts, it really helped me appreciate the writers and all they do, even more :heart: cheers!


On the general note though:

Personally I would love to see a full list of what characters in which games are the fan-named ones.



Ashley, Austin, Lakota and Victor in UnNatural are based off fan suggestions early on in it’s inception.


I’ll do it. Send me your preferred fantasy race and your preferred method of getting killed.

I’d be an elf who gets the gout.


@will Elf is my jam…death by mud wrestling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Okay now I’m curious…

I put a friend who helped me immensely during the development of Street Jam named @Talyrion in it as a reward on top of being in the beta test and received no complaints of broken immersion or anything.

I’m more than willing to do that with anyone who contributes enough to any of my other games like Spacehouse Rock or Become Mortal. Or as has been suggested, people who become Patrons, just ask or message me.

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