Need some help on a few rules

Hey everyone, I feel like i should ask if it’s okay to make ANY type of game. Im talking like games that are set in the world of Harry Potter, Naruto, or even places like Star Wars. The closest answer I got to this was you can, but only if don’t try to make money from it. I’m still not to sure on it and any input would be helpful!

oh yeah I’ve already read “FORUM RULES. Are you new? READ THIS FIRST! SERIOUSLY!” and “FAQ”.

you can make a game set in any world as long as its for your own personal use and you don’t try and sell it (CoG will NOT host a game made from another world unless the owner of the property is okay (are the ones who submit it).

I have asked CoG if I could have made a game based on Mass Effect and there reply was as long as Bioware was okay with it but it’d have to remain for personal use and they wouldn’t host it. I asked Bioware and there response was I could but again it had to be for personal use and I couldn’t make money from it.

When you say personal use you mean you couldn’t put on here

So you can make it and publish it for free?

I think posting it here would be okay as long as you get the permission from the world owner and you clearly state it is a fan made game

So you could post your ME game as long as you say it’s not yours? Or a fan made game

Correct I spoke to both CoG and Bioware I could post it here as long as it was clearly stated that it was a Fan-made game and had nothing to do with Bioware

Let’s clarify. “Posting it here” does not mean that we would host it. But if you made a game and posted a link to it, that would assumedly be ok.

So i could post a Harry Potter game in WIP but it won’t be hosted?


sorry that was what I was trying to say.


A Hosted Game/Choice of Game are classfied as published. Posting it here on the forum wouldn’t be considered published officially. So if you got JK to say it was okay (or found proof that she didn’t mind etc) you could post a link to it here you just wouldn’t get it released on the app stores (as a Hosted Game)