Hi I’m Nocturnal_Stillness new to the forums. I discovered choice of games through the Choice of the dragon game which I enjoyed I moved on to Choice of the Vampire, Choice of Broadsides and Choice of Romance / Intrigue and finally learnt of choicescript.

I like to write so the idea of making my own choice of game interests me. I’ve had a few attempts at making a game and am slowly getting used to choicescript. So hopefully you shall see more of me as I work on a game.

I just have got a quick question can I make a game based on the game Mass Effect using choicescript or is that against the rules? I’ve checked with bioware and they don’t mind as long as I clearly state its a free to play fan made game.

If it is against the rules I can work on a different idea.

Thank you for reading and hopefully being able to answer my question :slight_smile:

I would email this question directly to I don’t think it would be a problem though.

Thanks I shall do that.

Thanks, dbrent – welcome to the forum!

You’ll probably have already read the guidelines.

We don’t generally do introductions-for-introductions sake here – we encourage people to jump right into to commenting on the games or posting their own Works In Progress. So I’m going to close the thread. But glad to have you joining us…