How do I make a Choicescript game?

How do I make a game with Choice script?


First, you can download the software Here.

As for working out how to use the software, you can find tutorials on how to use them online :slight_smile: Here is one such tutorial!

For more specific queries or issues you encounter while writing your code, you can post your question under this topic

All the best for developing your game! :slight_smile:


What @Cheion said. Here is the link I used as a tutorial:

It might initially seem a bit daunting and intimidating but if you watch the tutorials you’ll get it pretty easily. Good luck hombre


For what its worth I’d check out the CSIDE too. I’m a complete neophyte when it comes to coding, and that really helped me.


Have you ever used Java? It looks like Java.

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Here is the Victoro’s awesome tutorial!

Step one: Play the games!
Can be even the demos, but I recommend the great ‘choice of dragons’ it is important to play the games not as a casual player but as a fellow developer. Try to imagine how the author implement the scene flux. wold you write it the same way? wold make it different?

Step two: click here and open the amazing online IDE. A POWERFUL tool to test you code mate! (Warring! You must have a Dropbox account in order to use it. Seem that google drive is not supported by it)

Step three: copy and paset the code down here in your opened IDE.

Your majesty, your people are starving in the streets, and threaten revolution.
  Our enemies to the west are weak, but they threaten soon to invade.  What will you do?

    #Make pre-emptive war on the western lands.
      If you can seize their territory, your kingdom will flourish.  But your army's
      morale is low and the kingdom's armory is empty.  How will you win the war?
        #Drive the peasants like slaves; if we work hard enough, we'll win.
          Unfortunately, morale doesn't work like that.  Your army soon turns against you
          and the kingdom falls to the western barbarians.
        #Appoint charismatic knights and give them land, peasants, and resources.
          Your majesty's people are eminently resourceful.  Your knights win the day,
          but take care: they may soon demand a convention of parliament.
        #Steal food and weapons from the enemy in the dead of night.
          A cunning plan.  Soon your army is a match for the westerners; they choose
          not to invade for now, but how long can your majesty postpone the inevitable?
    #Beat swords to plowshares and trade food to the westerners for protection.
      The westerners have you at the point of a sword.  They demand unfair terms
      from you.
        #Accept the terms for now.
          Eventually, the barbarian westerners conquer you anyway, destroying their
          bread basket, and the entire region starves.
        #Threaten to salt our fields if they don't offer better terms.
          They blink.  Your majesty gets a fair price for wheat.
    #Abdicate the throne. I have clearly mismanaged this kingdom!
      The kingdom descends into chaos, but you manage to escape with your own hide.
      Perhaps in time you can return to restore order to this fair land.

Step four: hit run and play it on the IDE. This is the easiest!

Step five: Now that you saw how the script run. try to edit it! Play a little, add one more scene. or even delete another. Don’t fear the coding bro! After dominating the IDE I highly recommend you to learn some tricks in the tutorials and don’t waste your time trying to fix bugs alone. BRING THEN TO US! WE WILL CRUSH’EN LIKE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

well that’s all. Hope you have fun! :persevere:

Yeah, the tutorial is pretty good and will basically teach you everything you need to know to make a simple game. Pay close attention when it warns you that you maybe shouldn’t do something; those warning are on very powerful tools that are very hard to use. Basically choicescript is largely intended to let people who aren’t programmers write games, and the bits with the warning labels are for programmers.

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