How many ways can you make a choice of game?

I am thinking of making a game soon, but before I do so, I need to know a few things, one is how many ways can you make choice of game, I know there’s the Dropbox and choicescript but that’s it, am I missing things

Choicescript is the language. That’s really the only way (for a Choice Of).

Dropbox is just one (but very good) option of sharing it. There are lots of ways to share, including websites of all kinds.

Nope, not at all! … Except you need some inspiration and Preservance.

Well, the requirements for this language are pretty simple. But there are a few things that can make it even better. First, some sort of text editor, I prefer notepad ++. Next, I recommend making small, easy games using choicescript to sharpen your skills and familiarity with the language. From there, you can go on to make a great game.

However, there are certain skills that can help you in making the best game ever. lol. I recommend having a background using XHTML, Javascript, and CSS. This way you can alter the main file a bit and change the game layout to be how you want. You can also add more stat buttons and functionalities this way.

Finally, I recommend going through tutorials. Master the choicescript language. I also have to say, keep a look out for the Choice Script tutorials I plan on doing soon, going through the basics and the advanced parts of this language. After that, all you need is imagination my friend. Sadly, that cannot be learned.

Just want to be sure , do you need a gmail account to access Dropbox, because I once checked it,that’s how you sign in

No i sign in with a blueyonder email

All right, I download the choicescript, so where can I practise and how can I see my work

RTFM… :wink:

@MIGhunter Check out

It detailed what you need to do.

One advice:
Copy the “web” folder and rename that copy like for example “myfirstproject”. That way you have always one working demo file in your web folder if you want to make some small tests without changing your project.

After I downloaded the choicescript, I can’t open certain files due to JavaScript, I have already downloaded it, but I can’t do anything, any alternatives

are you in an android device? in my tablet don’t work until I enabled in the setting the JavaScript

Which files? The *.js-files?
Right click -> open with -> Editor

I’m mostly a iPad user, but I was using my laptop, using windows 8 but was originally fitted with vista