Help me please¡

I know that this is going to sound strange: I wish to make a new story but I cant find choice script I follow the paths in the main page but im lost in the: “and open the web/index.html file in Firefox” can anyone explain me this

Just so we’re absolutely clear on what precise steps you need to take, I’ll just go through the whole thing for you.

First we visit this page:

Then you click the hyperlink that says download the ChoiceScript source from GitHub.

That’ll give you a zip-file that you open wherever you want.

Then, you go into that folder, which should open into four separate folders and a crap-load of files. Click the Web folder, then the Mygame folder.

The button to activate the game is the Index button, which is what you should open in firefox.

As to actually writing new scenes to make your own story, well then you go into the scenes folder. You’ll see a list of notepad files, you will need to keep startup and choicescript_stats but the rest can eventually be gotten rid of.

You open the startup file when you’re ready and knowledgeable, and that’s the file that starts your game.

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!

Don’t start until you have at least a passing knowledge of the basic concepts of choicescript. Thankfully the little ‘game’ that comes bundled in with it also gives you lots of tips and hints, so play it through with the index button and then go study the code.

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Thank you so much you really help me thank you

Don’t thank me, citizen. I’m just doing my job.