Does anyone know how to create a choice game here on mobile step by step?

I saw the Choice of Scripts guide, but I couldn’t get some parts to work since it wasn’t functioning properly. I’m using Firefox and Droidedit.
I try to write on the startup.txt as a test, just like the Choice of Games guide instructed. Then, I attempt to open the index folder to see if it worked, but when I check, what I wrote doesn’t appear.

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People here are awesome at helping. Try to be more specific. What part isn’t working for you so far?

There are many good tutorials out there too:

If it’s mobile specific, there are several threads with people figuring it out. But again, specific questions will likely get you your answers.

Good luck!


Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
So, the issue is right at the beginning when I write inside the startup.txt folder and try to open the index on the browser… nothing simply appears.

There are no pop-up error or anything else? I’m mostly using my phone to write and test my game, and there was no issue lately (some old version of choicescript require an upload of the scene folder, which I can’t do on my phone).

I’m using chrome and firefox to run the index.html.