Opening/Using ChoiceScript

I have another question regarding ChoiceScript.
So, This website talks you through downloading ChoiceScript and opening it. I followed the instructions, and was taken to “My First ChoiceScript Game.” In addition to the game, there’s a link called “Make your own games with ChoiceScript.” I clicked it expecting more info or something, but it just took me to the same website with the same instructions. So… I don’t know what to do now?

My Question: how do I open/use ChoiceScript?

Inside the folder " \web\mygame\scenes " that you downloaded you can find a bunch of *.txt files with a demo of a game. You can start editing those files and creating your own. Also, you can find a lot more info here.

I would suggest you find some text editor of your liking if you don’t have one already, like notepad++ or CSIde that is made exclusively to create choicescript games.

Even this guide is written in ChoiceScript (although it has been streamlined and altered just a tiny bit for ease of use). You’ll notice that the ‘user interface’ feels rather intuitive, and if you want to write your own games, you’ll see that the ‘coding’ is just as easy to pick up as playing a ChoiceScript game is.