What files should I use to create a ChoiceScript game?


I’ve downloaded the .zip file of ChoiceScript, but I don’t know how to use it.


Go into dfabulich-choice…695df04 > web > mygame > scenes. Start by editing the startup.txt file and edit/create scenes after that.


Step 1: Unzip the file :wink:
Step 2: Read some tutorials. I’d recommend these:


Thanks for the reply! Now I know how to create. :smiley:


Thanks for giving some links to help me. :slight_smile: I’ll simply convert them into PDFs in Firefox and read it offline.


When it comes to editing the text files, I personally found Notepad++ to be rather nice. I love the auto-complete feature, as it remembers the ‘code’ you’ve used in the current file.


I’m on mobile, and I’m using QuickEdit. Thanks for suggesting Notepad++
though. :slight_smile:


I use droidedit on my mobile devices, the pro version, think it cost me three buck but that was a couple of years back. They do have a free version that works rather well thats why I went pro with it.