Starting and saving

I have the free version of WinZip on my phone so I can access the ChoiceScript file whenever I need. I understand how to start and use the code to develop the story line, but I cant seem to find where I start off with the coding process, or how to save anything. I can’t find anything about how to start a new file with the ChoiceScript code and then save what I’ve done.
Any other suggestions of apps or programs to access ChoiceScript would also be appreciated. An app or program I can access on my phone would be ideal. I’ll take any tips or advice. I’m here to listen (or read more so), learn and create.

Thanks for your time,
Guss M.

Hi, I also sometimes work on scenes on my phone, and I use QuickEdit, as it show the numbers of the lines.

You have trouble opening the files, is that it? Or finding the right ones?

I’m not sure where you are in the process of learning choicescript, so I’m guessing you don’t know how to make new scenes?

All coding is done on .txt files that are located in the scenes folder. Any app that lets you create and edit .txt files will work. You’d name the file identically to how it is on your scene list in startup (your main .txt file already located in scenes). After you make the file, just start writing and it will show up in the game when you save it.

Since I’m not good at explaining things in depth, I think maybe the wiki will explain things well. It’s the same process as on a desktop, only you’ll be using a text app to make the files instead of notepad.

I think what you want is under this page.

I’m downloading that app now as I type this, thank you for that. And I can’t seem to find the file or how to create a file where I can start out my story.

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Thank you! I will check those out later when I have a moment. I am very new. Like just started seriously getting into it yesterday.


For reference, you’ll open choicescript-master > web > mygame > scenes

This folder is where you’ll do all of your work, you won’t need to edit anything else. The wiki tutorial is very direct and anyone can learn, I think the main challenge will be translating the process onto your phone. but it’s not impossible, I started out on my phone as well. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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I’ve found it! Thank you both so much!


You’re welcome, we’re here to help :wink:

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thank you ! i find it along time