Can someone please explain Choice Script to me?

I have no idea what I’m doing, I don’t even know how to open it. I have no idea what the explanation for using ChoiceScript is telling me, and I’m just completely clueless overall. Help?

Read through the tutorial on the main site and look through the example code first. If you’re having a specific problem we can help.

Here is a link that will help you understand choicescript. Read them and have fun learning.


It’s very simple, find the startup.txt file in the zip.

Open it in specifically the notepad app

Type words

Add *choice on a new line at the bottom

Start a new line and press tab

Add #(plus words here) repeat last and this

Add words directly below # (should be tabbed in once more)

Add *goto (plus a word here)directly under the new words

Add *label (plus the same previously word) anywhere tabbed in as many times as you want on a new line

Type words directly below it

Remember, directly below it means the line must have the same number of tabs unless I
specifically said to add one more

Then finding index.html in the choicescript zip file and open it in firefox