The odds and ends of the community.

Just a quick one to unwind:

What are your favority odds and ends in the community, good or bad?
Things like how it won’t take 5 min of a wbeta thread being up until someone in the thread will ask jason to join and/or how to join.


Or ask for his email


I love this community. I’ve been working on my WIP for a year and a half but it didn’t really come alive properly until I opened up and engaged with the community here. The feedback and encouragement I get here really puts me in a very positive frame of mind. And I find myself focusing on the parts of my WIP that are important instead of going in random directions that don’t matter.

I also hope I give good feedback and encouragement to people here. I wish I had more time and energy for playtesting other people’s games but I hope to give back to this community as much as it’s given to me.


I love when you get to see new users establish themselves in the community rather than make an account, forget about it after a few days, and never come back.

Love how low stress everything is. I’ve got serious social anxiety, so I tend to avoid discussions on other sites, and I’ll never disagree with people or criticize. Here it feels safe to do so.


I absolutely how queer positive it is over here!
Its almost like no other with how inclusive it is and how hard everyone tries to give everyone the equal amount of treatment and representation.

I mean what other forums are there that dont try to berate or exile you from the community for saying you want more homosexual love interests, or that a non-binary mc would be cool?

Keep being awesome cogfolks~


I love how enthusiastic this place is with all sorts of creative endeavours. I’ve been in several ‘follow the development!’ sort of community, as a frequent kickstarter backer, and it’s very refreshing to see how everyone’s eager to comment, critique, discuss and encourage. Reminds me of the best days of my fandom life.

I’m mostly a lurker but I really love reading this place. I want to comment more, but my health right now kind of prevents me from indulging in so much reading/writing at a time.

(Also, I love narrative games and this place is FULL of people who also love narrative games!)