CoG Appreciation Day

This morning(well the past hour from now), I saw a LGBTQ+ post on another forum, so I checked it out. It didn’t seem like any moderation was done to keep things civil and even some people didn’t want to have such a thread there.

It makes me appreciate the CoG community even more, so I decided to declare today an (unofficial) CoG Appreciation Day.

@FairyGodfeather You’re certainly right. Actually, I was in the process of removing it as you posted.

Instead, I’ll ask what people appreciate about CoG and it’s community?


I feel really uncomfortable with the sharing of that link. I’ve seen it done in the past in order to brigade against sites. Or to engage in forum wars. People from there may end up here to defend themselves, people from here might go over there to speak their mind, and before we know it WAR!!!

Okay, probably not but still, I don’t particularly like speaking ill of other sites. Better to just focus on the praise of CoG.

And really, what’s happening there is presumably no different than what happens in most gaming communities. (I don’t know, I just glanced at the thread.) Which is why I do love CoG too.

Edit: Thanks for removing the link!


No trolls or haters so I don;t have to spend 5 minutes on every post making sure no one is going to make fun of me for it (social anxiety can be such a pain in the ass).


I thought I was the only one who did that. Although my five minutes can get closer to five hours or five days sometimes or oops I’ll just delete it and never post at all.

Social anxiety does suck really badly. I’m glad that this forum makes it easier for you.


I like the look of the forum, honestly. I know it´s not really what you´re asking, but I think it´s a contributing factor. I´ve never once, while scrolling down a page here, thought, “Oh God, this place is depressing”.

The community is the best part though. It´s like visiting my favourite café. I feel welcome and safe here - and if I want to say/contribute something, everyone´s pretty friendly/civil. If not, I can just lurk and do my own thing. It´s cool, either way. It´s probably not fair to compare this online community to others I´ve visited (like Quora), as this one is a lot smaller and likely easier to moderate than they are, but this one seriously takes the cake in that regard. And the actual games, the sheer amount of effort, time and attention to detail the writers (and often the community, as well as the COG team) put into them, is impressive.


I get the feeling that I probably come across as very confident, but I’m really not. It took me four and a half months until I was comfortable enough to come out on the forum (which may surprise anyone who’s familiar with me now), and merely being here has helped me gain quite a bit of confidence. I am very grateful to the site and everyone here for being so welcoming and open. :grin:


This is the best forum ever.

I look at it right before I start working on my new game, and I think about all of these amazing, interesting people, and that gets me writing. I wish CoG had been around when I was growing up, but I am thankful to have found it now.


There’s a lot I like, both in terms of the community and the functionality.
The design is simple, easy to navigate and fully accessible both on my laptop and my phone(I’m visually impared).
It is very friendly and accepting, I’ve shared stuff on here I’ve previously only shared with my counsellors/therapists :stuck_out_tongue: .
The variety of people. Learned a lot of things from things about identities, to other countries, to pop culture etc.
It’s got a great selection of options to keep track of posts and threads.
It’s got a good selection of interesting topics, both light hearted and serious.
Think those are the main things :slight_smile: (and know it’s a bit late, but tbf started typing it yesterday then fell asleep lol) .


Does that mean you’ll stop flirting with lesbians? :wink:

Oh and as far at this community goes I’ve never met a more wonderful group of people before, I mean hell this is where I met my girlfriend :heart:


If you stop flirting with gay guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Indeed it does, as I wouldn’t exactly call you shy. :confused:



@anon57826008 you dork, or don’t you read our posts? :yum:


Well, how am I supposed to know when you flirt with literally everyone? :rolling_eyes:


I most certainly do not, I am just a naturally sweet and kind girl, but regardless my heart belongs to only her :heart:


Wow, I go to sleep and wake up to find flirting and love confessions. :flushed:

Those are certainly excellent things to appreciate the CoG community for :heart_exclamation:

I do that often myself… even if I’m not posting, I’m usually lurking off and on, day and night. CoG is like an addiction, got to have my fix to keep me going. :sparkles:


I can’t help if I brag about having the sweetest, most caring, funniest, just plain most wonderful girlfriend in the entire world :heart: I mean I changed my avatar to match her after all :smiley:


I really love this place. Even if I don’t talk that much i’m always happy to see that people here accept each other the way they do. And even if my english is wrong at some times nobody ever said anything mean about that :slight_smile:
And it was here were I met my girl, she is the most amazing person that has entered my life. Never thought that I would find love here, but in the minute we talk my heart was hers.
I really love this community. And her.

A little edit here:

See what i’m talking about? She is the best :blush:


I’m pretty new here (at least in terms of coming regularly, I did post a few several months earlier), but I already feel super-comfortable and open, and it’s been a fun group of people as well. Interesting discussions and encouragement. Also interacting with people who are writing things is just one of my favorite things in general :slight_smile:

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue: But also no, because I can relate… not on this site (I pretty much out myself as soon as I open my mouth*), but in life.

*Edit: Yeah, I was talking about a male love interest within my very first post here, and referred to myself as gay by the third :laughing:

Actually, I really wonder if I’d’ve had an easier time realizing I was gay if I’d had the kind of inclusive storytelling that Choice of Games features earlier in my life.

She hasn’t flirted with me :disappointed: it’s enough to make a fellow gay guy jealous!


At least I know I can talk about personal stuff on here without feeling judged.


Well I know I’ve always been shy about talking about my orientation… :stuck_out_tongue:

and here comes the inevitable :rolling_eyes: