I Would Like to Thank the CoG Community


Over in the Guenevere thread, we recently had a discussion about morality and the meaning of good and evil, followed by a conversation about killing unicorns and BDSM. Whilst partaking in that rather odd discourse, it occured to me that the CoG forum is the only place where I could experience such a thought-provoking conversation, immediately followed by such an incredibly stupid one. And that means a lot to me.

One of CoG’s big, overarching goals is inclusivity and being open to everyone. But the CoG community is more than just that; it’s a place where different people can come together and create entirely new ideas based on their diverse backgrounds and beliefs. It is a place for both intellectual stimulation and regular old silliness. It is a place for both philosophical debates and cookie PM threads. This community has created something very special over here in our little corner of the internet. I take it for granted most of the time. I think a lot of us do.

I rarely feel at home anywhere. The CoG community is one of the few places where I feel a sense of belonging.

I just wanted to thank you all for that.

Also, if any of you want to thank the community for anything (specific or general), feel free to do so here. :slight_smile:


@Mirabella - Thank you for saying you actually like it when guys open doors for you n such. I do too and I enjoy being treated well at times; just sometimes we get criticized for saying it is nice at times to be treated well.


It is a wonderful community and I am very happy to be among the authors published by Hosted Games. I was quite surprised to be able to receive the help I needed when I needed it by people I hardly knew. It is a wonderful experience which is slightly darkened by the fact that I am having a conversation with the editorial team…


I’m so ecstatic that I found this place, and that I keep coming back to it between periods of total isolation. It’s a little hard to express, but - I don’t feel at home in a lot of places. I like telling stories, and jokes, and making friends. But I often feel out of place, or misunderstood, or overwhelmed. This is a place that has taken me in to such an extent, I think a lot of the people I’ve connected with would be surprised to hear that I rarely feel this comfortable belonging anywhere.

This forum has taken in a damaged outcast, given me a place to belong, a group of friends and cheerleaders, and a way to work on my project with total support. I am very grateful it exists, and that’s why when someone here asked me to mod, I was more than happy to try.


Because of my autism I’ve always hat trouble connecting to people on an emotional level. As a result I’ve always been a bit of an outcast, and the friendships I did manage to build were few and far between. Thankfully I’ve got loving parents, two younger siblings and a lot of relatives, so I’ve never been truly alone, but it still sucks at times. Then I found this place, and felt right at home. I’d be tempted to comment on how seldom something like that had happened to me, but truth is, It’d never ever happened before that, and I doubt something like this’ll happen again any time soon.

You’re all awesome. Seriously. If it was possible through the internet I’d give you all a big hug, and that’s quite something coming from someone who barely tolerates that kind of behavior from a grand total of two people. (my mother and one way too exuberant friend who seems unable to grasp the concept of ‘personal space’. She blames it on being Brazilian…)

I’ve actually got about double the amount of the above already written down in more specific thank you notes, but that’d probably start to sound a bit too much like those annoying ‘thank you’ speeches at whatever award ceremony ever, so I’ll leave it at this for now :wink:


I Wanna hear the thank you notes, especially if you have one for me because it will be hilariously sarcastic :wink:


@Nathan_Faxon … Maybe a little bit. Might as well post the entire thing while I’m at it anyway.


I’d like to specifically mention @Nathan_Faxon, who seems to possess the uncanny ability to draw me out of my shell, (usually by being terribly annoying, but, you know, in a good way :wink:) and @Lithophene, by merit of being so gosh darn adorable (probably shouldn’t say thing about a guy, (at least, I assume he’s a guy. It’s pretty darn difficult to know for sure over the internet) but I just can’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:).

I would also like to mention the wonderful people who once took the time to show me how to get around the forum back when I first joined up, though I have to admit I can’t quite remember who they were specifically, and all the wonderful people I’ve since then cooperated with in some form or the other. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with y’all.

Other than that I’d like to thank the wonderful people of the community who tirelessly read through WiP after WiP regardless of the stage of development they’re in and point out things like typo’s, plot holes, messy transitions, illogical stat changes and whatever else might feel out of place. You’re doing some pretty amazing work, and you’d better know it :wink:

And of course I also have to mention the gems drawing fan-art or writing fan-fiction. (told you it’d be a long list) Please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s pretty amazing to get to see and read just how much you care about those projects.

Oh, and the writers and coders, without who most of the above wouldn’t have been possible.

I’d also like to thank the regulars, probably the people most involved with the things going on around the forum (aside from the mods :stuck_out_tongue:), who tend to go from the most serious of topics to completely going off the rails with cookie based mayhem in a matter of minutes. (and are more importantly responsible enough to tone it down again when someone points out that things are getting a bit too far out of hand)

Also a big thank you to the mods, for keeping things nice and tidy and being a delight to work with. You people rock.

And of course the list wouldn’t be complete without thanking the big boss of the forum, @jasonstevanhill, and the other amazing people over at Choice of Games, including, but not limited to, @Mary_Duffy and @RETowers, for making this place possible in the first place. I’ve probably told you this some times before, but you’re awesome. Please keep doing such great work.

I think I’ve got everyone now, but if I’ve missed anyone, feel free to correct me :wink:

Blue mod out.

(Those recent power-ranger themed thread ‘sidesteps’ probably rubbed off on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Why do I suddenly feel like she means @Nathan_Faxon, @EmperorHeartless, @Snowpanther, and a few other including me?
Scratches her chin as she looks thoughtfully into the sky.
Na, I must be thinking too much into it…

Nathan, you really should get the CoG Village Idiot Title.
I even got proof that you can’t stick to rules like everyone else:


While I mainly just lurk and rarely post anything, it brings a smile to my face to be part of such a good community. It reminds me of an old family-like gaming community I was part of ages ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this mean I get the honorary title of the CoG village idiot? Do I get a special title to go under my name? Can I derail even more topics??

realises he should stop before he gets set on fire again.


I’ll have you know I am the most adorable 21 year old guy this side of the internet. :wink: What with my penchant for fawning over fictional male characters, how could I be anything but adorable?


Starts writing Litho X Nathan fanfiction


You just gave Nathan a heart attack.
First, he thinks you meant FanFiction, and he said, and I quote:

And then he’s an idiot and says:

And theeeeen

That’s where I agree with him. THe last part, at least. ^^

We really should give him the title CoG Village Idiot


Living up to my name already.


Wait. @Nathan_Faxon’s nickname on whatever that might be is Momma Nathan?!? Oh gosh. I’m dying :joy:


His is also known as Nathalie, Mother of Characters


And sometimes just The Breeder.


We should give him that Title instead.

Momma Nathan, the CoG’s Village Idiot Deluxe

PS: I have a lot more about our lovely comunity.
For example, for @Snowpanther, @HuntedSnake, @UmbraLamia

I’m sooooo evil…


Do not forget the big-assed kitty @Snowpanther


Of course you had to mention that. :joy:

While we’re at it, I’d also like to give a huge hug to the community! (to stay on topic)