Little Art and Appreciation event?


Nice idea. My first art competition for here went really well. The follow up not do much. But I was considering a third one for valentines day with a prize of a unique short story and a voice message from a character of their choice. But unfortunately I’ve not got the free time atm. So Good luck to everyone and have fun.


How am I supposed to choose what to draw when there are so many good ROs out there… Oh god… LOL


Oh my goodness, thank you so very much! It’s lovely! I’m so happy! This encourages me to work faster once I can pick up my digital pen on Godsgate again.

Ah, my mad peacock! Poor musician! I love the detailing, and the gemstones, and the fabulous crest. And that look in the bird’s wee beady eye. <3


I know, there’s so many scene and RO i want to draw. but school is limiting my time . Good luck choosing what to draw. :smile:


EDIT: I’m finishing the drawing, so… I’m taking the sketch off this post. It’ll probably be done before the 14th!


One more for @Fiogan because I love the monsters in Beastie Watch :smiley:
(Giant, flaming land squid.)


Oh wow, your drawing is fabulous! I love how the squid’s just grabbed a tree branch, because flames are apparently not enough. And the texture of the skin is really great. So gorgeous. :D


I agree - I vote for Jacic to do your cover art with a more in-depth land squid because she nailed it from the get-go.


Thanks @Eiwynn :smile:
I love the monsters in Beastie Watch, they’re all so different to the ones you usually find wandering around in books.


What’s Beastie Watch?


One of the 2016 CS Comp entries—an independent contest that was sponsored and run by @Lordirish with community support. More information and links to the contest games and things here, for the curious.


I ended up finishing it like I said. Keep in mind backgrounds aren’t my strong suit, but Photoshop came in to save the day. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see more art of other people’s MCs, btw. And how they imagine their ROs to look like.

That said…

@Fiogan Thanks for the heads up about Beastie Watch! I’ll definitely give it a go. :smiley:


Just finished the artwork for Hotshot (one of the main NPCs in The Lawless Ones.) Really happy with how his arm turned out. :grin:


Wooo this is absolutely amazing! And the background also looks very nice. :ghost:

Btw which game is this?

Is it Steampunk?


Thanks very much!

And you’re right! It’s from a study in steampunk. :slight_smile:


Everything makes sense when I see the little airship model in the background :clown_face:


I feel like I’m not gonna finish my choice of robot drawing (due to constant procrastination)
So, for now, I’m just gonna post the picture I already posted on another WIP thread.

My MC from A Drop Of Night (although in the story the mc didn’t have the chance to get a mask yet, but whatever.)


I like the mask! :smiley: Can’t say I’ve played A Drop of Night before, though. XD

Also It’s funny that you noticed the airship. I just put it in there for the hell of it.


Thank you for making this event @shiaya! I won’t finish this drawing if not because it :grin:


Modernized my MC from SoH :smiley: Definitely going to redraw this again because it looks too rushed for me.