Gangstar (Interest check, possible development soon)


Hey guys. Ya’ll might already know me from The Oval Office : Latest Update - 5 December 2017 but I had an idea I was kicking around in my head for a lil while now, and while I haven’t started production on it, I want to know if there is a desire for this type of game.

You were just a teenager, doing as best as you possibly could in one of Los Angeles’s ghetto slums, when one fateful day, your life changed forever.
You came home from the bus stop to the sound of gunshots, and one of your family members slumped on the ground in a pool of blood. You swore revenge, and you joined a neighborhood gang (I don’t know if its better if you make one yourself, it’ll be harder) to do so. The question is, did they die in vain? Or did it set off a giant chain that could change Los Angeles forever?
Live your life as a gang member, informant to the police or double agent (holy crap) to bring both factions down
Be an “honest” crook or go on murderous rampages?
Will you be behind the scenes like a big boss or front page news like a fearless badass?
Build relationships, or deceive and use everyone you meet (meaning potential RO’s)
Find out who killed the family member and why
Take over Los Angeles(!?!?)
Like I said, its an idea and its in a VERY early stage (aka, not really planned out or any outlines present). The question is, is it good enough to be considered a game to be submitted?
P.S: For those who say that there is already a gangster game (Life of a Mobster) its in the name. This is more gritty, dirty, and more loose than an organized mafia. Also this game is centered around revenge and similar elements. But if you think it sounds too similar, let me know your thoughts.
P.P.S: I’m also not sure on the location of the game being in Los Angeles… it sounds too upscale
Other possibilities for the city include Chicago (my favorite aside from being my hometown ), New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Philadelphia or Detroit. Let me know which ones yall would rather see!!
No gender lock, and RO’s coming soon.
I’ll see ya’ll later!
Feedback is VERY MUCH appreciated!!

The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018

maybe you could also add some elements from chappie. also id love to see this happen.


It’ll kinda be like “Eazy E: THE GAME” :sweat_smile:


Can we be this fabulous?


too jojo’s bizarre adventure. R.I.P Iggy


So life of a mobster kind of?


HAHAHA yes that’s what I immediately thought of when I saw the title too!

And I’m always up for more gangster games, although actually w the revenge+underworld theme I first drew parallels to a recent WIP called Hong Kong Blood Opera(?). But that’s set in HK and based on the underworld there, so the games themselves should be differentiated enough I think.

Btw, some questions: gender-lock? NB-inclusive? RO characteristics?


i hope to god it isn’t gender locked.


I doesn’t t really sound like life of a mobster so i think you could do it


nope xD. Every thing is possible.


I said in the beginning, its not like life of a mobster. Its more gritty, more loose than an organized mafia. In this is more of a revenge story, more or less.


The game reminds me of Saint’s Row. And I love that game series!


So the mc can become a serial killer


so, vendetta: rise of a gangster.


I’m interested in anything. As I’ve said before and will again so long as it’s not gender locked male.


Glad to see another people who knows about Jojo Bizarre Adventure, it’s my favorite manga series.

Anyway, I can see how this could be different from Life of a Mobster, though I seems to remember another wip with gangster and revenge theme around it (maybe the one Logan3000x mentioned?). Still, the double agent part interest me because it’s been some time since I play someone with true neutral/neutral evil intention.


I like L.A as a location, however I feel the slums and ghettos of L.A are overused (Compton, Watts, Long Beach, etc) and would like to go in a fresh direction, a la Chicago or maybe Atlanta… Any ideas on this?

  1. Detroit
  2. St. Louis
  3. Oakland
  4. Memphis
  5. Birmingham, Alabama
  6. Atlanta
  7. Baltimore
  8. Stockton
  9. Cleveland
  10. Buffalo


So can the mc become a lunatic who kills everyone he meets ?


This game sounds dope , it kinda feels like my favorite GTA game San Andreas, can’t wait to start taking over the city :grin: