Plans for my first game?

im planning to make a game that will be a different type of style then most of the games on choice of games. you will be an aspiring rapper who lives in Compton, California a city known for its violent reputation. your character is involved in a gang and has a child and wife. you will have to make choice’s that could help you feed your family or ones that will go towards your dream of being a rapper. this is only and idea and i have’nt really got further than this can anyone help me with idea’s

What do you need help with exactly?

Okay, here’s a big one: Make it possible to choose your character’s gender and sexual orientation. As for another suggestion, avoid setting it in a real place. Make up a town of your own and show that it has a violent reputation through the narrative of the game. Other than that your concept seems pretty sound, have fun making your game!

Yes, that too. A good number of CoG readers/players are drawn to CoG because the inclusiveness is a factor.

Being able to pick a race might be interesting too in this game, if handled well.

By the way, this could be a great game!

@canisa instead of be able to pick the gender of your character i am going to make two separate story lines, one for the main character and another one for his wife/girlfriend. i am definitely going to go ahead with your idea of makeing up a town.

@bastiaan hmmm i will think about it.

@harveym66 Some of us would want to play lady rappers, you know.

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@ScarletGeisha lady rappers don’t really fit the sort of story im am going for. if you look at most gangs these days women are not useally in them, unless i change the storyline like in Choice of Broadsides where you can change it so there is full women crews so i could change it so that there is an option were the town i set it in is filled with women gangs instead of men gangs which would be pretty intresting but would take alot of time which i do not have alot of.

It is actually really easy to make it like they did in Choice of Broadsides. Just make variables like “he”, “she”, “his”, and “her”, and make them inverted (*set he “she”, *set she “he”) if the player chooses to play with a female character. Then every time you want to say something like “he”, you’ll have to instead use “${he}”. Aside from that, it shouldn’t be so bad.

@harveymm66 If I were you I would definitely go with the Choice of Broadsides route. I’m not going to play a game where I have to play second fiddle to the protagonist just because I’m a woman. Hollywood pulls shit like that more than enough without you doing it as well.

im going to go with the original plan of a male character. to write this sort of story you need the right sort of mind and i have that. the experiences that i am going to put into this story are from my own personal life growning up mixed with abit of fiction so i would like the story to be based around a male. im sure their will be plenty of other games you can play were you will be able to choose your own gender but this is literally going to be chooseing the story not the looks or sex of a person.

I’d suggest that you can write the game using your life experiences but just add the option for people to swap their pronouns should they so wish. It doesn’t take too much effort (indeed, the ‘Introduction to ChoiceScript’ explains how to do it), and makes your game infinitely better.