Gang Life - A work in progress


I just wrote the title and not sure I will keep it. But figured its time to go ahead and write a little here. That choice was made abundantly while talking to another in a different thread.

I do have two scenes being worked on but they are not for the beginning of a game. In one of the scenes, you will be getting interrogated by an enemy faction. The how to got captured will get developed before this scene and the how you escape will have to be considered.

The idea of before that scene is to take over a gang with different options of achieving it. At first I didnt consider the seductive stance with poisoning in mind till I read a different thread. I am looking at how to play that into it as well as how to achieve those followers by doing as such. Poison Ivy may have to be considered on how she gets thugs in this case. If a male ivy, not sure yet to flush it out, regardless it will be available.

The route this gang will take depends on the player completely. A gang that decides justice as a route (won’t be easy for sure) or the most criminally insane. The two scenes I’ve been fleshing out will be canon, meaning they happen no matter what. Yes, I do plan on working a romance into the six optional people and they will be your officers to conduct minor business details. I hope they wont get killed by MC, the choice will be left in place to allow it.

I know that will cause this to take some time but whenever I game mastered, its always been left open. I try to set what I know will happen regardless of how the MC decides to get there. In order to make it realistically doable, the options will have to get limited to an extent. I dealt with players making their characters in games enjoy killing everyone and I always allowed that option. Just don’t mind that the guard twenty feet away just witnessed it and set the alarm now. >:)

I dont have the six lieutenants flushed out yet either, only cause not sure how to set them up. I know they need fleshed out to be viable for people to consider them important enough to keep them around. Otherwise they will succumb to a poisonous end or bullet if someone prefers to just shoot em. That or a poisoned bullet right to below the belt if really dastardly hating that person.

Oh yes nearly left out the most important part of all this in relation to who is the mc. Im leaving it open for a male or female in a world basically within 2014. Leading a gang as a female could have normal issues so few things will be mentioned but will try and avoid actual talk on it. Subject in manner of rape is what I’m talking about, I hate it with a passion and will give it no notice except via the female lead shooting those particulars in the head. Which comes up to why the six will be necessary for this to work. I wont have to go into much detail of the worst part instead allowing them to “handled it”.

My goal is 17 and up as violence is normally that age limit and as far as RO and sex wont push more than a 14 year old can handle. I think that is the normal limit with the state laws. Examples of all that runs rappant throughout many different games already on sale from here. I do know certain words would not be wise to use but the “lighter” cussing is fine?


Sorry, I don’t have time to read through all this right now, but I noticed the words “seductive” and “poison.” @poison_mara got to you, didn’t she :)?


Its fine, I did write alot. I had considered the poison part beforehand but not the way she would of presented it. After reading and seen what she likes, yes she did. I know there is a lack thereof on her style of play. :slight_smile: Constituting into my story should allow her some fun, besides the mc will probably go the way of the villian more than not from what I’ve read here.


When you said gang i immediately thought of Benjamin King from SR1. Can’t wait to see your progress, i already know that my Player is going to be a smooth talking leader who knows how to lead and wield a gun!


Characteristics I’m looking into are the charismatic, ruthless, (UN)honorable types so far. Im working a little backwards flushing out one scene that isn’t the beginning. Its where I want the MC to get to. Ill move back to intro chapter of working MC’s origin. This part I haven’t gotten much thought yet as in makes where your strengths and weaknesses are. It also presents the build of few people later on as well.


Hate it when this phone double posts even though I hit button once.


@Samuel_H_Young Yeah, poison and seductive are key words lol. I certainly will kill qll thugs. I cannot trust in them. Another people men still being not my trusted members i would kill a them and buried all togueter


Yes, that is why I will have the six members to help you, not all be men but a mix of gender. I planned on using two or three as some you already knew and grew up with. Chapter one will fix them to be liable to live, less they are hated still after that. The whole reason your MC picks this gang specifically is cause of your ties with them.



I am working with Mara now with Crimson Sky, helping where I can. The gangs will still be created, just in line with Crimson Sky now. :slight_smile: So, if liked the races there, they will be here too. Its the same world, just different viewpoints of the world.


That’s so awesome I can’t wait to read both games


Well, since my game is edited by @jjc73 has improved a lot, it’s what I wanted to write but I don’t find the correct words. And its interesting watch a universe from another perspective.


I was wondering could you perhaps cooperate with other gangs, while wiping them all out would be fun i would rather slowly take them over instead, for they might have valuable resources like drugs, advanced weapons or immense wealth all which could help improve my gang


@poison_mara I am trying my best on editing that. I hope it is good. :slight_smile: Almost at the end of the first editing, then will work on those other two parts after. Though, I did pm about something that might need looked at.

@Iconic_De In order for those gangs to decide to work well with the MC, will need some kind of intervention. Basically, taking a small gang over wouldn’t be so hard but those that been entrenched into the world for so long, wouldn’t want to follow a whelp less proven capable to be followed. So, some gangs you will have to truncate their leadership to take over while others might start cooperating instead. Keep in mind, there are many assassins in this world and some don’t seem to respect others. It will basically be a fight to prove you are the one to control them. Now, this is just as far as one type of group not the other types out there.

Yes, the MC of this story arc will have easter eggs into the story arc of the other. It will be tricky to hint the other MC without divulging too much of the MCs style of play or race.


Once in charge of an own gang, the MC would surely have many options to do various things that can win the other gang’s favor favor. For example, gain some info that another gang needs and give it to them or just join a side in the conflict between two esteblished gangs, they surely won’t send away an ally.


The slums in this world is pretty rough from what I been exploring, elves, dwarves, humans and a race of morlocks. Check out Crimson to get the idea of how rough it can get. Magic-users/mages look down on normal people in general and the social life is bit downtrodden. Thanks for bringing that up and I do plan to try different routes as I can attempt.

MC in my story does have an advantage that will be presented which I haven’t gotten to Mara about yet but its highly important to be done. :slight_smile:


If you make a gang don’t forget, hire some trolls to control the door.


@jjc73, so your game’s world is a bit like Shadowrun? I’m definitely interested!


Its not really in the same tech as shadowrun, it does use magic and some technology. Tech is steam powered, Steampunk world with magic. Yeah, almost forgot about the trolls. :slight_smile:


Souds great! I can’t wait for the demo.


It came to my attention that I have to ask something.

What kind of ROs are interesting? I was going to probably set one up as sex gender swapping with MC type. Then set 6 others as possibilities, undetermined exactly how I wanted those to pan out honestly. 3 will be guys and 3 will be girls, initially was going to have it open for any so there would been 7 possibilities but on another thread, this might not be best to go with?! I may alter so that 1 guy and 1 girl are straight, 1 guy and 1 girl being bi to alter, and then 1 guy and 1 girl gay/lesbian. That should allow a combo of 2 in each setup possible with the last one being determined during creation.

What would be the feedback for this? Actually, its probably crucial due to chapter one setting the stage for a few of these characters pretty quickly. I haven’t plugged away at chapter one, but more less got one of the end areas being written.